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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#32 Manually reading users' away messages enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#53 Remote encoding... Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist OSCAR
#104 ... more modes .. more info .. defect wishlist IRC
#145 Encoding in outgoing messages? enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#173 Yahoo!Japan Messenger wilmer enhancement wishlist Yahoo
#363 MSN (Now Playing Status Message) wilmer enhancement wishlist MSN
#711 Add SSL-support for ICQ Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist OSCAR
#943 Federated MSN contacts don't show up wilmer defect wishlist MSN
#947 skyped: better support for disconnected bitlbee Miklos Vajna enhancement wishlist Skype
#21 ICQ Contact appears offline but isn't Jelmer Vernooij defect minor 1.2 OSCAR
#120 stripping some chars in message to chatroom Jelmer Vernooij defect minor OSCAR
#336 user notification on add requests wilmer defect minor Yahoo
#450 private messages originating in jabber chat rooms are slightly broken defect minor BitlBee
#825 msn: removed buddies still appear in buddy list wilmer defect minor MSN
#1018 Twitter DMs don't check for max length and show 403 errors in timeline channel instead defect minor Twitter
#126 ICQ doesn't block correctly Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#206 Bitlbee appears offline to others when it isn't. Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#221 corrupted offline messages containing both ascii and non-ascii chars Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#264 BitlBee not responding well to changing user groups Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#317 Auto-deletion of Off-line Meebo Contacts, preferably defect normal BitlBee
#322 Get nick from server when adding new (ICQ) buddies Jelmer Vernooij enhancement normal OSCAR
#417 Yahoo buddies don't appear on buddy/channel list. defect normal BitlBee
#455 Excessive Yahoo ping problem affecting reliability wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#491 Error 0x0010 when adding buddy on oscar protocol: clarify error message enhancement normal OSCAR
#530 Asynchronous writes in the MSN module wilmer defect normal MSN
#568 [patch] enhancement to blist format defect normal BitlBee
#586 Cannot add/accept Yahoo contacts wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#633 Removal of buddies on oscar protocol does not remove buddy at server Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#642 Windows Live Groups and Bitlbee wilmer defect normal MSN
#652 as Skype gateway enhancement normal BitlBee
#681 bitlbee not recognising when yahoo is disconnected wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#701 Nick generation screws up with invalid characters in nick_format defect normal BitlBee
#885 segmentation fault when connecting to icq defect normal OSCAR
#902 msn contacts failing - adding and online status wilmer defect normal MSN
#915 Skype group conversation Miklos Vajna defect normal Skype
#931 Offline messaging support for AIM (OSCAR)? enhancement normal OSCAR
#936 identica support broke yesterday defect normal BitlBee
#951 bitlbee-plugin-skype segfaults Miklos Vajna defect normal Skype
#963 frequent log off on Twitter defect normal Twitter
#966 skyped hangs shortly after client connects Miklos Vajna defect normal Skype
#973 Double-away unsets away mode on AIM defect normal BitlBee
#976 nick_source is not being saved defect normal BitlBee
#993 One of those weird issues when adding contacts on msn wilmer task normal MSN
#1030 Command `block' not supported by yahoo protocol defect normal Yahoo
#1032 MSN received offline messages not supported wilmer enhancement normal MSN
#1033 gtalk shows '<< BitlBee - Message with subject:...' with every message wilmer defect normal Jabber
#1066 Randomly appearing skype contact info Miklos Vajna defect normal Skype
#1169 [patch] Skype protocol: DISPLAYNAME Miklos Vajna enhancement normal Skype
#1176 First message in a new skype chat gets lost Miklos Vajna defect normal Skype
#1273 AIM clientlogin enhancement normal OSCAR
#11 Permission problems win32 port Jelmer Vernooij defect major BitlBee
#517 unknown handle even though user is on list Jelmer Vernooij defect major OSCAR
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