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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#359 Show IRCName instead of [username] defect wishlist BitlBee
#381 allow to disable some messaging protocol with recompilation defect wishlist BitlBee
#416 Disable auto-joining of control channel enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#440 No smooth upgrade path from the old to the new RESTART mechanism defect wishlist 1.2.2 BitlBee
#449 Display Image enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#454 Re: identifying to bitlbee enhancement wishlist IRC
#462 AIM Mobile Contacts Not Differentiated Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist OSCAR
#510 integration of facebook chat to bitlbee enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#519 individual IM away states enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#546 MSN mobile contacts not differentiated wilmer enhancement wishlist MSN
#609 Twitter protocol support should turn "username: foo" into "@username foo" geert enhancement wishlist Twitter
#618 Use of expressions in nick_source enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#622 register bitlbee application with twitter. enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#634 UI-Fix branch auto_connect channels enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#647 GMail new mail notification wilmer enhancement wishlist Jabber
#789 ServerMod Settings enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#802 bitlbee.socket should listen on [::1]:6667, too enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#834 Make IPC socket path configurable at runtime enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#848 "alist" shortcut for "account list" enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#871 Switch MSN implementation to XMPP wilmer enhancement wishlist MSN
#981 [Patch] Harden Bitlbee by compiling it as a position independent executable (PIE) by default. enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#1019 please allow "otr disconnect *" or do it on quit wilmer enhancement wishlist OTR
#1096 Allow aliases for Twitter 'favourite' command enhancement wishlist Twitter
#1149 provide a way to reply to a tweet without requiring that it starts with the user's name enhancement wishlist Twitter
#1208 Twitter "url" command wilmer defect wishlist Twitter
#574 Please allow renaming of &bitlbee channel enhancement pony BitlBee
#575 I'd love to see .debs generated enhancement pony BitlBee
#721 Add short numerical ids to tweets, for easy replying/retweeting of individual tweets geert enhancement pony Twitter
#731 Allow implementation to be chosen per protocol or per account enhancement pony BitlBee
#995 socks4a proxy type enhancement pony BitlBee
#1109 OTRv4 builds silently drop all jabber messages pesco defect blocker OTR
#1110 bitlbee with plugin-otr crashes when messaging offline contacts more than once pesco defect blocker OTR
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