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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 File transfer support enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#4 Make quit messages visible again wilmer defect minor 1.0 IRC
#5 Apply Hanji AIM patches enhancement minor 1.0 OSCAR
#6 Allow nick changes defect minor IRC
#8 Case-insensitive account name handling defect minor 1.2 BitlBee
#9 Rewrite Jabber module defect wishlist 1.2 Jabber
#10 Consider changing the name of the #bitlbee channel task minor 1.0 IRC
#12 Verify bitlbee.xinetd file defect minor 1.0 BitlBee
#13 HTML stripping defect major 1.0 BitlBee
#14 buddy_sendbuffer_delay precision enhancement minor 1.0 BitlBee
#15 Jabber contacts do not always show up as online defect major 1.2 Jabber
#16 Show IP of ICQ users Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist 1.2 OSCAR
#17 bad usability qlist messages timing defect minor BitlBee
#20 Jabber groupchat enhancement wishlist Jabber
#23 Cleaner file format for user data jelmer,wilmer,maurits enhancement major 1.2 BitlBee
#24 Do something with usermodes, or leave them out enhancement wishlist IRC
#25 Self-messaging seems to be a bit wrong defect minor 1.0 BitlBee
#26 account name in front of namechange in msn :( wilmer enhancement minor 1.0 BitlBee
#29 Line splitting limit is too high wilmer defect major 1.0 BitlBee
#31 Doesn't connect to the chat servers defect minor 1.0 BitlBee
#35 Grouping buddies in bitlbee enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#38 Server management/oper features enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#41 Ability to ignore annoying AOL BOTS Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist OSCAR
#45 Typing notifications have problems. defect minor BitlBee
#48 MSN issue - after chat partner's reconnect MSN does not see bitlbee's messages wilmer defect major MSN
#52 Showing disconnects as netsplits defect wishlist 1.2 BitlBee
#59 Idle Time enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#68 [patch] status command for changing status and status message enhancement normal BitlBee
#70 Away Feature? defect wishlist BitlBee
#71 bitlbee sets away when user has status message (for yahoo) wilmer defect minor Yahoo
#75 Blank Line Spam defect minor BitlBee
#79 FICS support / network engine modularization Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#81 Unable to access AIM group chats Jelmer Vernooij enhancement major OSCAR
#82 support for skype IM API? enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#83 Comma in password mishandled (at least for MSN account) wilmer defect minor MSN
#84 /OPER without parameters crashes bitlbee defect major BitlBee
#85 buddy_sendbuffer for groupchats admin enhancement minor BitlBee
#86 better reporting of failed messages enhancement normal 1.0.2 BitlBee
#87 Session take-over enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#88 Mobile AIM client messages don't show up on IRC. Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#94 Version information does not appear with /version defect normal BitlBee
#96 MSN status change affects all connected users wilmer defect major BitlBee
#99 a bug with identifying defect normal BitlBee
#105 Add support for jep-0085 for typing notification enhancement wishlist 1.2 Jabber
#106 Give "auto_connect" some granularity wilmer enhancement normal 1.2 BitlBee
#108 Command needed to add bitlbee-Accounts enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#109 Crashed when help section is empty defect minor BitlBee
#110 Openssl does not compile anymore defect normal BitlBee
#111 Jabber always connects ONLINE instead of last away state defect normal Jabber
#113 Biltbee 1.0.1 crashes a while after disconnect (msn at least) defect major 1.0.2 IRC
#115 Add OTR (off-the-record messaging) support to BitlBee enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#116 Small error in output having more than one Jabber account defect minor 1.0.2 BitlBee
#117 Make Wiki ReadOnly perhaps? enhancement wishlist Documentation
#123 /whois, don't convert the unicode characters to iso-8859-2 defect normal BitlBee
#124 Command msg defect wishlist BitlBee
#125 about msn avatars wilmer enhancement wishlist MSN
#128 Disable WebAware, to hopefully reduce spam Jelmer Vernooij enhancement normal OSCAR
#129 xinetd entry for bitlbee wilmer enhancement minor BitlBee
#130 Weirdness in command splitting code defect minor 1.0.3 BitlBee
#131 Crash bug after removing unknown handle defect critical BitlBee
#132 set password hard to find defect normal BitlBee
#134 Bitlbee's latest BZR release crashed while in "daemon" mode defect major BitlBee
#135 Yahoo reconnection trouble with socks proxy. wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#139 Wrong Gender description Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#140 jabber connection lost when sending colored text defect normal Jabber
#142 cannot get user list defect normal BitlBee
#151 Root talks defect critical BitlBee
#155 BitlBee crashes other BitlBees when creating an AIM groupchat Jelmer Vernooij defect normal 1.0.3 OSCAR
#157 parse way whitespaces enhancement normal BitlBee
#158 RPL_NAMREPLY shows channels as secret defect normal IRC
#159 umode is not handled properly defect normal IRC
#160 error message for unknown commands enhancement normal IRC
#169 MSN live offline messages feature support wilmer enhancement wishlist MSN
#170 Import sending wizz/nudges over MSN Protocol wilmer defect wishlist MSN
#171 [PATCH] Environment variable CFLAGS isn't honored defect normal BitlBee
#174 cannot identify defect normal BitlBee
#181 Bitlbee displays the wrong error message defect normal BitlBee
#182 Problem with duplicate buddies and renaming accounts defect normal BitlBee
#183 Random "bind: Can't assign requested address" messages on OS X defect normal 1.2 BitlBee
#189 +R after identifying enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#192 Timestamp for offline messages enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#193 [patch] "warning: unused variable `j'" when ipv6 disabled defect minor BitlBee
#198 Weird Nickname causing disconnect/read error defect normal BitlBee
#199 Jabber protocol should use SRV records to find the server enhancement wishlist Jabber
#200 bitlbee.c:41: warning: passing argument 3 of ‘accept’ from incompatible pointer type defect minor BitlBee
#208 No help text for "set display_namechanges" enhancement normal BitlBee
#209 Identify with IRC password? enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#212 BitlBee cannot connect to google talk when the password is too long. defect minor BitlBee
#213 bitlbee account settings defect normal BitlBee
#215 IM accounts as seperate channels (not all users from different accounts on one stash) enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#218 MSN switchboard management code not very robust wilmer defect major MSN
#223 iconv error when compiling defect normal BitlBee
#224 jabber does not allow spaces in passwords defect major Jabber
#226 Request to bring back daily snapshots on the website enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#227 Extra characters at the end of every message. (Improve Y! specific stripping) wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#230 Compiling and bind():ing on AIX 5.1 defect major BitlBee
#231 Clean up _connected() event handler when closing a socket defect normal BitlBee
#232 Bitlbee does not honor --pidfile defect major BitlBee
#234 Yahoo status not being updated when set /away wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#240 Notification Mails defect minor BitlBee
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