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#635 UI-Fix branch auto_connect channels enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#1026 UTF-8 nick names in jabber group chats don't work wilmer defect normal Jabber
#527 Unable to connect to yahoo servers wilmer defect blocker Yahoo
#453 Unnecessary error messages with Microsoft Office Communications Server contacts wilmer defect normal MSN
#241 When trying to connect to Aim it stops responding. Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#968 When updating packages get error: KEYEXPIRED 1338072862 task normal BitlBee
#503 Yahoo Messenger version set to expire in August 2009 defect normal BitlBee
#387 Yahoo connection failed, "version of messenger expired" wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#525 Yahoo issues defect normal BitlBee
#526 Yahoo issues defect blocker BitlBee
#529 Yahoo logins defect major BitlBee
#389 Yahoo messenger EOL wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#528 Yahoo no longer works! defect critical BitlBee
#515 Yahoo via BitlBee is going to expire? defect major BitlBee
#856 [Twitter] display friendships/incoming enhancement normal Twitter
#869 aim/oscar away glitch defect normal BitlBee
#118 bitlbee as irc service defect normal BitlBee
#1052 bitlbee connection pinging out defect major BitlBee
#391 bitlbee fails to compile with glib2-2.4.7-1 and glibc-2.3.4-2.25 on CentOS 4.4 final defect minor BitlBee
#572 deb pkgs task normal BitlBee
#672 blist show x account enhancement normal BitlBee
#715 bug in glib event loop management defect normal BitlBee
#854 can not get buddy list from msn account defect normal BitlBee
#831 cant reply myself in twitter defect normal Twitter
#177 could not login to custom jabber server defect normal Jabber
#1215 declining a buddy request should not automatically send one in return. defect normal BitlBee
#882 does not verify SSL certificates for twitter/identica defect normal Twitter
#405 error, can't drop an account.. defect normal BitlBee
#531 facebook chat task normal BitlBee
#944 frequent segfaults when twitter account is enabled defect normal BitlBee
#1040 glibc detected invalid free in ssl_disconnect when using NSS defect normal BitlBee
#318 grep domain name, alias, and real name searches enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#511 gtalk messages are delivered to the wrong endpoint defect normal BitlBee
#722 icq plugin connected but i am shown as offline at my contacts Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#815 identify -noload doesn't work with /oper defect normal BitlBee
#1134 initial ' gets eaten in twitter defect normal BitlBee
#217 irc to irc gateway defect wishlist BitlBee
#316 jabber disconnection with ^c defect normal Jabber
#1148 leading quotation mark is stripped in replies in twitter defect minor Twitter
#93 messages from mobile phones defect normal BitlBee
#508 no way to connect to sametime servers enhancement normal BitlBee
#375 problems compiling bitlbee-1.2 defect normal BitlBee
#447 quit on Ctrl+B wilmer defect normal Jabber
#267 removed buddies continue to cause messages from root Jelmer Vernooij defect minor OSCAR
#736 require some (perhaps user-definable) prefix to post on twitter geert enhancement normal Twitter
#1073 segfault in check_nick.c when running "make check" defect normal BitlBee
#883 segfault when connecting to oscar defect normal OSCAR
#884 segmentation fault while connecting to icq defect normal OSCAR
#486 sending ctrl+<char> with bitlbee disconnects defect blocker BitlBee
#1225 skyped dropping messages defect normal BitlBee
#268 small problem with AIM in win32 port Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#1023 specify tag in blist root command enhancement normal BitlBee
#892 twitter disconnect bitlbee due authentication failure defect major Twitter
#1014 xmpp: crash on file transfer defect major BitlBee
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