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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1129 otr connect is not working wilmer defect normal OTR
#1131 Split long lines doesn't work on groupchat defect normal BitlBee
#1132 Add support for SASL based login to IRC wilmer enhancement normal IRC
#1133 Twitter fires up errors 426 and 429 defect normal BitlBee
#1134 initial ' gets eaten in twitter defect normal BitlBee
#1135 Compilation of 3.2.1 fails in otr.c, too few arguments pesco defect normal OTR
#1136 Cannot set authentication tls for sipe account (pidgin works fine though) defect normal BitlBee
#1137 Jabber MUC should use real topic of room wilmer enhancement normal Jabber
#1138 'Some' twitter accounts don't show join messages when following dx defect normal Twitter
#1141 Purple builds suggest using oauth for jabber, but it's not implemented wilmer defect normal Purple
#1143 XEP85 detection (typing) seems to fail between two bitlbee users wilmer defect normal Jabber
#1145 "imcb_buddy_status() for unknown handle" after removing buddy defect normal OSCAR
#1146 Systemd service file incorrect configuration defect normal BitlBee
#1150 otr info display problems pesco defect normal OTR
#1151 Source ID 48 was not found when attempting to remove it dx defect normal BitlBee
#1152 nick_format broken on NetBSD (g_convert_with_fallback() always fails) defect normal BitlBee
#1153 Debian package for Ubuntu Trusty wilmer enhancement normal BitlBee
#1154 [Jabber] Display message from unknown participants as normal messages wilmer enhancement normal Jabber
#1158 error in doc/bitlbee.xinetd. defect normal BitlBee
#1159 The main() function in unix.c is full of lies pesco defect normal OTR
#1160 Twitter issue getting contact list defect normal Twitter
#1161 HTTPS for enhancement normal Website
#1162 Strange check for root breaks building RPM packages defect normal BitlBee
#1163 Conditionalize support for libotr 3 and 4 (to support both) pesco enhancement normal OTR
#1164 Lowering xmpp presence priority on away. enhancement normal BitlBee
#1167 Errors when joining groupchat should reply the join with a numeric code defect normal BitlBee
#1168 Link error when --ssl=nss and --otr=1 pesco defect normal OTR
#1169 [patch] Skype protocol: DISPLAYNAME Miklos Vajna enhancement normal Skype
#1172 Gtalk messages not relayed from other devices wilmer defect normal Jabber
#1174 bitlbee 3.2.2 dbus problem on centos 6 defect normal BitlBee
#1175 Setting away with libpurple fails silently except for a few values wilmer defect normal Purple
#1176 First message in a new skype chat gets lost Miklos Vajna defect normal Skype
#1177 users list on non channel defect normal BitlBee
#1178 Support purple_request_input enhancement normal Purple
#1179 [GTalk] Error while reading from server defect normal BitlBee
#1180 Lost PMs in Jabber defect normal BitlBee
#1181 XML stream error, no RX defect normal Jabber
#1183 skyped: Warning, SSL init failed Miklos Vajna defect normal Skype
#1185 Using old FSF address defect normal BitlBee
#1186 DIGEST-MD5 auth fails defect normal BitlBee
#1187 emojis not getting display in twitter [at least direct messages] defect normal Twitter
#1190 Accepting SSL certs too late resets bitlbee-libpurple defect normal BitlBee
#1191 msn transport doesn't remember I have answered questions defect normal MSN
#1193 Google Hangouts support enhancement normal BitlBee
#1195 bitlbee sends invalid IRC messages by failing to remove whitespace from XMPP client names defect normal Jabber
#1196 [ssi.c:65] possible cut'n'paste error ? defect normal BitlBee
#1197 jabber multilogins not possible from two different bitlbee-accounts defect normal BitlBee
#1198 There's no way to interrupt proxy_connect() before reaching the connected callback defect normal BitlBee
#1199 Duplicate Nick break's a protocol defect normal BitlBee
#1200 Crash with jabber protocol when joining room defect normal Jabber
#1201 Add online status of user to query topic enhancement normal BitlBee
#1202 Twitter: tweets with embedded tweets sometimes(?) not shown defect normal Twitter
#1205 Groupchats may create users with utf8 nicks when utf8_nicks is disabled defect normal BitlBee
#1207 Ubuntu Vivid enhancement normal BitlBee
#1210 The 3.4 release tarball requires xmlto/xsltproc, even with the prebuilt help.txt defect normal 3.4.1 BitlBee
#1212 [twitter] Support mute functionality enhancement normal BitlBee
#1213 Twitter: reply to a RT defect normal BitlBee
#1215 declining a buddy request should not automatically send one in return. defect normal BitlBee
#1217 No "help" command for twitter defect normal BitlBee
#1219 SIPE group chats do not work defect normal Purple
#1220 NULL pointer derefence in lib/json.c defect normal BitlBee
#1222 telegram-purple, after reconnection channels are recreated and not reused defect normal Purple
#1224 Twitter DMs don't show up randomly defect normal Twitter
#1225 skyped dropping messages defect normal BitlBee
#1226 Crash at identification and no debugging available defect normal 3.4.1 BitlBee
#1227 Cross-compilation Improvements enhancement normal BitlBee
#1228 Unicode chars in Hipchat names are removed defect normal BitlBee
#1229 Use-after-free when leaving invited (temporary) channels defect normal BitlBee
#1230 Support for Steam chat in official release enhancement normal 3.4.1 BitlBee
#1233 OSCAR (AIM) not working defect normal BitlBee
#1234 Multiple jabber accounts for one channel enhancement normal BitlBee
#1235 Cyrilic names and warnings defect normal BitlBee
#1236 twitter check your system clock defect normal BitlBee
#1237 purple-line doesn't work correctly with bitlbee task normal Purple
#1238 Auto-join rooms doesn't work in hip-cat branch defect normal BitlBee
#1248 Double free on channel rejoin defect normal BitlBee
#1249 Process abort from detected double-free or corruption defect normal BitlBee
#1253 Bitlbee crash after updating ubuntu 16 defect normal BitlBee
#1254 Identical / GNUSocial issue defect normal BitlBee
#1255 Crash in strip_html - attempting to modify const strings defect normal Purple
#1257 pasting is slow, rate-limited defect normal BitlBee
#1258 Is there a MOTD line limit? Cut off after line 43 in IRC client. defect normal IRC
#1261 While trying to run bitlbee, segfault appears. defect normal BitlBee
#1263 Duplicate messages in jabber conference group chats. defect normal Jabber
#1265 hipchat: add oauth support enhancement normal Unspecified / other
#1266 Remaining rough edges in the "chat list" feature task normal 3.5 Unspecified / other
#1267 JIDs show up in Jabber rooms for Admins defect normal Jabber
#1268 Error running on Synology firsttime defect normal BitlBee
#1269 Can't log into ICQ using bitlbee-libpurple defect normal Unspecified / other
#1271 Extended tweets with two or more photos attached show several times defect normal Twitter
#1272 twitter: option to disable tweet source? defect normal Twitter
#1273 AIM clientlogin enhancement normal OSCAR
#1274 Improve handling of missing protocols defect normal 3.5 Unspecified / other
#1275 Sometimes double expansion of URLs wilmer defect normal 3.5 Twitter
#1281 bitlbee-libpurple: Use after free when expiring file transfer requests defect normal Unspecified / other
#1282 Null pointer dereference with file transfer request from unknown contacts defect normal Unspecified / other
#1283 Signal support enhancement normal Unspecified / other
#1287 Hipchat Guest Access defect normal Unspecified / other
#1291 /away "status message" not set on XMPP defect normal Jabber
#1292 support multiple hipchat servers enhancement normal Jabber
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