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#138 Setting for "Buddy is not yet in your list, do you want to add him/her" new defect minor
#103 Setting to format hostmask new enhancement wishlist
#1071 Setting yourself away and then logging off makes you appear online and away after new defect normal
#1315 Show if a Twitter post includes a poll new enhancement normal
#826 Simpler groupchats new defect normal
#427 Some rough edges in ForkDaemon mode new task normal
#1231 Steam on new enhancement wishlist
#1144 Support XEP-0249 direct MUC invitations new enhancement normal
#1277 Support filter channels for twitter lists and follows new enhancement normal
#300 Support for xep-0012 ( Last Activity ) new defect wishlist
#1285 Support unicode channel names. new enhancement normal
#971 Systemd support lacks unprivileged user and tmpfiles.d support new enhancement normal
#1276 TLS: set CAfile per IM Account new defect normal
#739 The XMPP file transfer "proxy" setting is confusing. new defect normal
#1240 The ability to mention your IRC nick on @mentions new enhancement wishlist
#706 The root user shows nick statuses in the "active" channel instead of the channel where the person is new enhancement normal
#928 The translate_to_nicks setting seems not working new defect normal
#1074 Time limit for old mentions on connect new enhancement wishlist
#629 Truncate the status message of users to a configurable length new enhancement normal
#1307 Tweet threads made using the tweet thread feature are very broken new defect normal
#1259 Tweets with the same link twice show the original url twice in the first new defect normal
#1242 Twitter DM channels don't show messages sent in other clients new defect normal
#1184 Twitter module doesn't handle 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable very well new defect normal
#1218 Twitter prefix length not configurable new defect wishlist
#1251 Twitter replies to multiple parties not working correctly new defect normal
#1188 Twitter-action: add retweet in addition to rt new enhancement normal
#1284 Twitter. handle follower requests new defect normal
#1260 Twitter: add option to pause timeline new enhancement minor
#1166 Twitter: hide messages from blocked users new defect normal
#601 Twitter: identify followers new geert enhancement normal
#1246 Unnecessary 403 "No such channel" error after /part-ing channels manually new defect normal
#1298 Use the correct nickname even when a room is non-anonymous new defect normal
#1310 Using security flags when compiling bitlbee new enhancement normal
#60 Visible List / Invisible list? new enhancement wishlist
#726 Warnings while building bitlbee new defect normal
#539 When a contact is in a chat: PART instead of QUIT? new defect normal
#289 Wish: multi-character to_chars new enhancement wishlist
#1278 XMPP CAPS data is missing required attribute value. new defect normal
#1114 XMPP: bitlbee receives but does not display stanzas of type "error" new defect major
#776 You should know BEFORE sending a text if you have gone off-the-record or not new pesco enhancement wishlist
#1289 [PATCH] twitter: maintain mentions when replying new defect normal
#191 [patch] Automatic ignoring, rejecting or accepting queries new defect normal
#1173 [patch] Twitter protocol: account_tag for nick and channel new enhancement normal
#818 add per-user OTR policy setting accepted pesco enhancement normal
#615 allow nicks starting with numbers new enhancement normal
#356 bitlbee does not detect connection loss new defect normal
#1243 bitlbee strips '.' from Jabber IDs new defect normal
#1270 bitlbee-purple resets contact groups on reconnect new defect normal
#952 block and allow groups and/or handle regexp patterns new enhancement normal
#248 buddy icon support new enhancement wishlist
#921 config: support multiple CAfile arguments new defect normal
#1170 error: variable has incomplete type 'const struct oauth_service' new defect normal
#561 feature requst: default oscar charset new enhancement normal
#624 getting superfluous PM from identichat new defect normal
#795 handle captcha in bitlbee-libpurple new wilmer defect normal
#989 jabber does not try lower priority when higher priority server cannot be reached new wilmer defect normal
#1314 jabber/gtalk not seeing full_name for G+ contacts anymore new defect normal
#1303 jabber: improve certificate error messages new enhancement normal
#1304 jabber: set server domain manually new enhancement normal
#627 libcaca could be used to show contact's avatar new enhancement pony
#1250 libpurple sipe messages from latest MS Office/Lync/Skype for Business include font information new defect normal
#576 logging / chat history feature new enhancement wishlist
#220 manpage mentions /var/lib/bitlbee instead of what is set at configtime new defect minor
#836 multiple jabber clients on the same account fight over OTR sessions new pesco defect wishlist
#65 mysql support reopened enhancement pony
#699 nick_format compatible with renamed nicks (rename cmd) new enhancement normal
#811 no way to block people not on your contact list new enhancement wishlist
#1318 no_proxy option new enhancement minor
#1305 option to force TLS version new enhancement normal
#961 otr autoconnect new pesco enhancement normal
#1206 otr trust fingerprint representation new enhancement normal
#1147 provide a way to view an entire conversation in twitter new enhancement wishlist
#69 qlist with account num or protocol as argument new defect wishlist
#298 removed buddies reappear new defect normal
#693 resurrect support for showing OTR status via mode flags new pesco enhancement wishlist
#72 rss lists as contacts too reopened defect normal
#179 show heads up info in topic new defect wishlist
#737 support block/allow in jabber protocol new enhancement normal
#1142 tls_verify doesn't verify certificates new defect major
#1223 tweets show up either in a timeline OR in a search channel new defect normal
#1288 twitter: rate limiting errors are not shown new defect normal
#408 yes/no question for messages from unknown handle new enhancement normal
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