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#1276 TLS: set CAfile per IM Account new defect normal
#1279 Please make it possible to change UNIX socket path at runtime with run option new enhancement normal
#1284 Twitter. handle follower requests new defect normal
#1289 [PATCH] twitter: maintain mentions when replying new defect normal
#1296 Gtalk => Certificate verification problem 0x204 reopened defect normal
#1301 Allow post length longer than 140 characters when supported by account new enhancement wishlist
#1319 Bitlbee SVG logo new enhancement pony
#1321 Passwords with spaces new task normal
#1323 Stopping the systemd service does not properly stop bitlbee new defect normal
#1325 bitlbee-purple not working with skypeweb new defect normal
#1329 remove is temporary, but should be permanent new enhancement wishlist
#1334 XMPP carbons broken when running under libpurple new defect normal
#1335 Not receiving Twitter DMs in bitlbee new defect normal
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