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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#3 File transfer support enhancement closed wishlist
#4 Make quit messages visible again wilmer defect closed minor 1.0
#5 Apply Hanji AIM patches enhancement closed minor 1.0
#6 Allow nick changes defect closed minor
#7 Non-local account/settings storage Jelmer Vernooij enhancement reopened wishlist
#8 Case-insensitive account name handling defect closed minor 1.2
#9 Rewrite Jabber module defect closed wishlist 1.2
#10 Consider changing the name of the #bitlbee channel task closed minor 1.0
#11 Permission problems win32 port Jelmer Vernooij defect closed major
#12 Verify bitlbee.xinetd file defect closed minor 1.0
#13 HTML stripping defect closed major 1.0
#14 buddy_sendbuffer_delay precision enhancement closed minor 1.0
#15 Jabber contacts do not always show up as online defect closed major 1.2
#16 Show IP of ICQ users Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist 1.2
#17 bad usability qlist messages timing defect closed minor
#18 Considering namechanges as notice or action defect closed wishlist
#19 Improve oscar infrastructure Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor 1.2
#20 Jabber groupchat enhancement closed wishlist
#21 ICQ Contact appears offline but isn't Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor 1.2
#22 Allow bots or other users to join the control channel AKA "real channels" AKA a channel per user enhancement closed pony
#23 Cleaner file format for user data jelmer,wilmer,maurits enhancement closed major 1.2
#24 Do something with usermodes, or leave them out enhancement closed wishlist
#25 Self-messaging seems to be a bit wrong defect closed minor 1.0
#26 account name in front of namechange in msn :( wilmer enhancement closed minor 1.0
#27 Show who invited you into group conversations enhancement closed wishlist
#28 The questions system enhancement closed minor
#29 Line splitting limit is too high wilmer defect closed major 1.0
#30 Export user account data enhancement new wishlist
#31 Doesn't connect to the chat servers defect closed minor 1.0
#32 Manually reading users' away messages enhancement closed wishlist
#33 Grouping buddies in bitlbee defect closed wishlist
#34 Grouping buddies in bitlbee defect closed wishlist
#35 Grouping buddies in bitlbee enhancement closed wishlist
#36 Grouping buddies in bitlbee defect closed wishlist 1.0
#37 Queue messages when remote is offline enhancement closed wishlist
#38 Server management/oper features enhancement closed wishlist
#39 Remind the user of unanswered questions after some time. enhancement new wishlist
#40 login cookies for the BTS Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed minor
#41 Ability to ignore annoying AOL BOTS Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#42 Support for "stale" typing notifications enhancement closed wishlist
#43 ISON(/notify) bugs defect closed minor
#44 Encryption support enhancement closed wishlist
#45 Typing notifications have problems. defect closed minor
#46 Long AIM profiles get chopped defect new minor
#47 MSN buddylist extra details wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#48 MSN issue - after chat partner's reconnect MSN does not see bitlbee's messages wilmer defect closed major
#49 "account off" doesn't correctly disconnect all accounts defect closed minor
#50 Patch to register SIGUSR1 for reconnecting all enhancement closed wishlist
#51 Allow /MODE [+-]b for blocking/allowing buddies defect new wishlist
#52 Showing disconnects as netsplits defect closed wishlist 1.2
#53 Remote encoding... Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#54 Groupchat support for jabber defect closed wishlist
#55 Invalid MSN Handles defect closed minor
#56 Hilight on/off switch enhancement new wishlist
#57 Modify Handle_Unknown enhancement new wishlist
#58 Last On Time enhancement new wishlist
#59 Idle Time enhancement closed wishlist
#60 Visible List / Invisible list? enhancement new wishlist
#61 Auth needed enhancement closed wishlist
#62 History enhancement closed wishlist
#63 Contact Search Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#64 Changing Profile Settings enhancement closed wishlist
#65 mysql support enhancement reopened pony
#66 bitlbee as services Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#67 Fixes irc.c to support Naim enhancement closed minor
#68 [patch] status command for changing status and status message enhancement closed normal
#69 qlist with account num or protocol as argument defect new wishlist
#70 Away Feature? defect closed wishlist
#71 bitlbee sets away when user has status message (for yahoo) wilmer defect closed minor
#72 rss lists as contacts too defect reopened normal
#73 Appearing as disconnected when adding a MSN contact wilmer defect closed major
#74 Groupchat incompatibility with newest m$ MSN Messenger clients wilmer defect closed minor
#75 Blank Line Spam defect closed minor
#76 Remove an msnextra unecessary root message, it floods the channel defect closed wishlist
#77 Possible infinite recursion (found in my log file) defect closed wishlist 1.2
#78 Option to automatically answer challenges about multiple connections enhancement closed wishlist
#79 FICS support / network engine modularization Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#80 Add setting to hide MSN6 buddy image messages wilmer enhancement closed major
#81 Unable to access AIM group chats Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed major
#82 support for skype IM API? enhancement closed wishlist
#83 Comma in password mishandled (at least for MSN account) wilmer defect closed minor
#84 /OPER without parameters crashes bitlbee defect closed major
#85 buddy_sendbuffer for groupchats admin enhancement closed minor
#86 better reporting of failed messages enhancement closed normal 1.0.2
#87 Session take-over enhancement closed wishlist
#88 Mobile AIM client messages don't show up on IRC. Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#89 Permanent away status wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#90 msn + accented letters error wilmer defect closed normal
#91 Bunch of fucking wankers defect closed normal
#92 Staying online without being connected to bitlbee enhancement closed wishlist
#93 messages from mobile phones defect closed normal
#94 Version information does not appear with /version defect closed normal
#95 Yahoo Chat wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#96 MSN status change affects all connected users wilmer defect closed major
#97 test \o/ enhancement closed wishlist
#98 blist all bug, maybe defect closed normal
#99 a bug with identifying defect closed normal
#100 expire inative users enhancement closed normal
#101 ICQ protocol change Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#102 guys, you rock! :D task closed wishlist
#103 Setting to format hostmask enhancement new wishlist
#104 ... more modes .. more info .. defect closed wishlist
#105 Add support for jep-0085 for typing notification enhancement closed wishlist 1.2
#106 Give "auto_connect" some granularity wilmer enhancement closed normal 1.2
#107 show "currently playing" from MSN users wilmer enhancement closed normal
#108 Command needed to add bitlbee-Accounts enhancement closed wishlist
#109 Crashed when help section is empty defect closed minor
#110 Openssl does not compile anymore defect closed normal
#111 Jabber always connects ONLINE instead of last away state defect closed normal
#112 When adding an invalid user and then removing it, the account disconnects wilmer defect closed major
#113 Biltbee 1.0.1 crashes a while after disconnect (msn at least) defect closed major 1.0.2
#114 blist does not show OSCAR-Buddys correctly when they're offline defect closed normal
#115 Add OTR (off-the-record messaging) support to BitlBee enhancement closed wishlist
#116 Small error in output having more than one Jabber account defect closed minor 1.0.2
#117 Make Wiki ReadOnly perhaps? enhancement closed wishlist
#118 bitlbee as irc service defect closed normal
#119 Add basic HTML translation to AIM enhancement new wishlist
#120 stripping some chars in message to chatroom Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor
#121 Multiple language support enhancement new wishlist
#122 BitlBee Release Party task closed wishlist 1.2
#123 /whois, don't convert the unicode characters to iso-8859-2 defect closed normal
#124 Command msg defect closed wishlist
#125 about msn avatars wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#126 ICQ doesn't block correctly Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#127 Max Number of Accounts defect closed normal
#128 Disable WebAware, to hopefully reduce spam Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed normal
#129 xinetd entry for bitlbee wilmer enhancement closed minor
#130 Weirdness in command splitting code defect closed minor 1.0.3
#131 Crash bug after removing unknown handle defect closed critical
#132 set password hard to find defect closed normal
#133 ASCII art of photographic data needs Tone Mapping enhancement closed wishlist
#134 Bitlbee's latest BZR release crashed while in "daemon" mode defect closed major
#135 Yahoo reconnection trouble with socks proxy. wilmer defect closed normal
#136 Crash bug with gtalk defect closed critical
#137 Support for a 'AuthMode = pam' Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#138 Setting for "Buddy is not yet in your list, do you want to add him/her" defect new minor
#139 Wrong Gender description Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#140 jabber connection lost when sending colored text defect closed normal
#141 Spammed with voice and devoices enhancement closed wishlist
#142 cannot get user list defect closed normal
#143 connection lost defect closed critical
#144 put nick: before authorization request enhancement closed normal
#145 Encoding in outgoing messages? enhancement closed wishlist
#146 Availability to receive details from contacts which are not in the list defect closed normal
#147 Availability to receive details from contacts which are not in the list enhancement closed normal
#149 block allow bugs wilmer defect closed normal
#150 MSN6 Features installation problem in FreeBSD 6 Ports wilmer defect closed minor
#151 Root talks defect closed critical
#152 Daily snapshots of dev stuff out-of-date defect closed normal
#153 Tab Completion breaks 'info' command defect closed minor
#154 Bitlbee doesn't save Nicknames on Serverside Buddy-Lists enhancement new wishlist
#155 BitlBee crashes other BitlBees when creating an AIM groupchat Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal 1.0.3
#156 groupwise support enhancement closed pony
#157 parse way whitespaces enhancement closed normal
#158 RPL_NAMREPLY shows channels as secret defect closed normal
#159 umode is not handled properly defect closed normal
#160 error message for unknown commands enhancement closed normal
#162 Auto-replies *from* buddies enhancement closed wishlist
#163 Yahoo "info" command error. wilmer defect closed normal
#164 libglib2.0-dev error msg defect closed minor
#165 inivisible user shown as offline defect closed normal
#167 GoogleTalk "off the record" (don't log) enhancement closed wishlist
#168 bitlbee crashes on FC5 using version 1.02 (glibc) defect closed normal
#169 MSN live offline messages feature support wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#170 Import sending wizz/nudges over MSN Protocol wilmer defect closed wishlist
#171 [PATCH] Environment variable CFLAGS isn't honored defect closed normal
#172 Too long messages are cut while being sent defect closed normal
#173 Yahoo!Japan Messenger wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#174 cannot identify defect closed normal
#175 Proposition of changes to user levels enhancement closed wishlist
#176 could not login to custom jabber server defect closed normal
#177 could not login to custom jabber server defect closed normal
#179 show heads up info in topic defect new wishlist
#181 Bitlbee displays the wrong error message defect closed normal
#182 Problem with duplicate buddies and renaming accounts defect closed normal
#183 Random "bind: Can't assign requested address" messages on OS X defect closed normal 1.2
#184 Bitlbee as irc2irc gateway. enhancement closed minor
#189 +R after identifying enhancement closed wishlist
#190 unable to compile bitlbee-1.0.3(AmigaOS) defect closed normal
#191 [patch] Automatic ignoring, rejecting or accepting queries defect new normal
#192 Timestamp for offline messages enhancement closed wishlist
#193 [patch] "warning: unused variable `j'" when ipv6 disabled defect closed minor
#194 Can't Identify defect closed normal
#195 VMware Appliance instead of a Windows Port enhancement closed wishlist
#197 User add overwrites old user! defect closed normal
#198 Weird Nickname causing disconnect/read error defect closed normal
#199 Jabber protocol should use SRV records to find the server enhancement closed wishlist
#200 bitlbee.c:41: warning: passing argument 3 of ‘accept’ from incompatible pointer type defect closed minor
#201 Export/import configuration // settings // accounts enhancement closed wishlist
#202 alias for account in account list enhancement closed wishlist
#203 Bug tracking system broken - email links don't work defect closed normal
#204 Using bitlbee with a proxy--disconnection varies between 2 and 5 minutes when idle. defect closed normal 1.0.3
#205 Win32 version not signing into AIM Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#206 Bitlbee appears offline to others when it isn't. Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#207 "set" command sets *any* variables, but no way to remove them defect closed minor
#208 No help text for "set display_namechanges" enhancement closed normal
#209 Identify with IRC password? enhancement closed wishlist
#210 <process:728> Glib-Warning **: g_io_win32_set_flags <> not implented defect closed normal
#211 Switchboard fails, invalid data printed wilmer defect closed normal
#212 BitlBee cannot connect to google talk when the password is too long. defect closed minor
#213 bitlbee account settings defect closed normal
#214 full IM gateway/proxy, not just for IRC enhancement closed wishlist
#215 IM accounts as seperate channels (not all users from different accounts on one stash) enhancement closed wishlist
#216 Multiple users? defect closed wishlist
#217 irc to irc gateway defect closed wishlist
#218 MSN switchboard management code not very robust wilmer defect closed major
#219 ERROR Error: Fatal signal received: 11. That's probably a bug. defect closed normal
#220 manpage mentions /var/lib/bitlbee instead of what is set at configtime defect new minor
#221 corrupted offline messages containing both ascii and non-ascii chars Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#222 More "script friendly" responses from root enhancement new wishlist
#223 iconv error when compiling defect closed normal
#224 jabber does not allow spaces in passwords defect closed major
#225 glib-dev not found in openSuSE 10.2 defect closed normal
#226 Request to bring back daily snapshots on the website enhancement closed wishlist
#227 Extra characters at the end of every message. (Improve Y! specific stripping) wilmer defect closed normal
#228 I can't start bitlbee for windows. I get an error message defect closed normal
#229 Chinese support in Bitlbee enhancement closed normal
#230 Compiling and bind():ing on AIX 5.1 defect closed major
#231 Clean up _connected() event handler when closing a socket defect closed normal
#232 Bitlbee does not honor --pidfile defect closed major
#233 Cannot connect to localhost on solaris defect closed normal
#234 Yahoo status not being updated when set /away wilmer defect closed normal
#235 Report idle status or add 'Forward to Mobile' away state capability for AIM Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed normal
#236 Add support for Jabber transports enhancement new wishlist
#237 MSN fails to login defect closed major
#238 configure can't find ssl libs on centos defect closed normal 1.0.3
#239 Logging support enhancement closed wishlist
#240 Notification Mails defect closed minor
#241 When trying to connect to Aim it stops responding. Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#242 Stops responding to commands after trying to connect to aim Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#243 als twee mensen weg zijn... enhancement closed wishlist
#244 If two people are away enhancement closed wishlist
#245 100% CPU bug in irc_free() defect closed major
#246 Strange Error while using wilmer defect closed minor
#247 win32 port defect closed normal
#248 buddy icon support enhancement new wishlist
#249 pid file setting is hardcoded and -c <conffile> produces warning. defect closed normal
#250 Replace MD5 and/or SHA1 checksum code defect closed normal
#251 Buddy unification enhancement new wishlist
#252 Sometimes new window is created, sometimes not defect closed normal
#253 ICQ auto reconnects even when you signed in on another location Jelmer Vernooij defect closed wishlist
#254 make forkdaemon mode able to start as root and drop privs enhancement closed wishlist 1.2
#255 Display picture kludge enhancement closed normal
#256 Google Talk Code 500 Error defect closed normal
#257 Crash when disconnecting from partially-connected SSL jabber account defect closed normal 1.2
#258 Jabber conference support enhancement closed normal
#259 after connecting to bitlbee msn always fails to connect the first time wilmer defect closed normal
#260 bitlbee ignores JIDs starting with '+' defect closed normal
#261 GaduGadu support for Bitlbee enhancement closed pony
#262 Yes, you did ask me a question! defect closed normal
#263 /invite not sent on yahoo conferences wilmer defect closed normal
#264 BitlBee not responding well to changing user groups Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#265 Jabber module only accepts ports 5220-5229 enhancement new normal
#266 MSN users info? wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#267 removed buddies continue to cause messages from root Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor
#268 small problem with AIM in win32 port Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#269 New BitlBee shirt wilmer task new wishlist
#270 Command to show real nickname enhancement closed wishlist 1.0.3
#271 SASL support Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#272 redesign to use libpurple (previously libgaim) enhancement closed wishlist
#273 windows ports leaks threads when connected to yahoo wilmer defect closed normal
#274 Google Talk Idle Status defect closed minor
#275 Jabber: disconnect on color codes defect closed normal
#276 errors in IRC-client with numeric nicks defect closed major 1.2
#277 Jabber: can add account, but cannot register a new one enhancement closed wishlist
#278 doesnt convert nicks savefile properly from 1.0.3 to 1.1dev defect closed normal
#279 New mails to topic? enhancement closed wishlist
#280 Provide Support for Microsoft Communications Server enhancement closed normal
#281 Bitlbee and Opera Browser defect closed normal
#282 Can't Seem To Get GAFYD Jabber Account To Work defect closed minor
#283 login to root should be renamed enhancement closed normal
#284 Disconnect on router update defect closed normal
#285 Fancy blist (patch supplied) enhancement closed minor
#286 xfire support enhancement closed pony
#287 msn protocol: read error 104 defect closed normal
#288 blist crashed bitlbee defect closed normal
#289 Wish: multi-character to_chars enhancement new wishlist
#290 Patch: blist shows the account number where each contact belongs enhancement closed normal
#291 nickname bugs in new-jabber defect closed normal
#292 auto join groupchats / conference's at connect enhancement closed normal
#293 make check fails (missing check.h) Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#294 Support for XMPP ping, XEP 0199 enhancement closed wishlist
#295 Connection to Yahoo! servers hangs unexpectedly wilmer defect closed major
#296 Im "mirc scripter" and im trying to do a socket connection with bitlbee defect closed normal
#297 sethostent(1) in protocols/proxy.c defect closed normal
#298 removed buddies reappear defect new normal
#299 wrong help for join_chat Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor
#300 Support for xep-0012 ( Last Activity ) defect new wishlist
#302 Named chat room should show the topic of the room enhancement closed normal
#303 /invite support for jabber chatroom enhancement closed minor
#304 when identified dis-/re-connect every 300 seconds defect closed normal
#305 yahoo contacts don't stick and ":" added to contact's name wilmer defect closed normal
#306 GTalk messaging & presence problems defect closed normal
#307 resolving resolved connection error. why? defect closed normal
#308 Improve "unknown" handle message defect closed normal
#309 FEATURE REQUEST: 'info' command shows MSN contact's real name defect closed normal
#310 FEATURE REQUEST: 'info' command shows MSN contact's real name wilmer defect closed wishlist
#311 plugins support can't be enabled in configure defect closed normal
#312 global.conf my be null when loading plugins, causing a segfault defect closed normal
#313 make install-dev broken defect closed normal
#314 be a bit more verbose when there is an unresolved symbol in a plugin defect closed normal
#315 request for supporting the QQ im network defect closed pony
#316 jabber disconnection with ^c defect closed normal
#317 Auto-deletion of Off-line Meebo Contacts, preferably defect closed normal
#318 grep domain name, alias, and real name searches enhancement closed wishlist
#319 msn notifications wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#320 nick change = endless loop of error messages defect closed normal
#321 Stipulating a Nick Name with the add Command Creates Duplicity defect closed normal
#322 Get nick from server when adding new (ICQ) buddies Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed normal
#323 Can't change resource for a jabber account defect closed normal
#324 MSN - banned when trying to remove a contact wilmer defect closed normal
#325 MSN groupchats don't show who invited you wilmer enhancement closed normal
#326 can't register or do anything defect closed normal
#327 Typo in welcome message defect closed minor
#328 allow changing the topic for group chats enhancement closed normal
#329 Jabber: Please remove the port range restriction defect closed normal
#330 Segfault when sending 'ç' (c-cedilla) over jabber defect closed critical
#331 ability to join a prexisting groupchat without being invited enhancement closed normal
#332 cant add & lost blist. defect closed blocker
#333 Jabber module uses 100% CPU defect closed major 1.2
#334 Yahoo shows connecting but not connected wilmer defect closed normal
#335 ICQ auto reconnects!cant log in!!! defect closed normal
#336 user notification on add requests wilmer defect closed minor
#337 add -tmp is broken in 1.1.1dev defect closed normal 1.2
#338 Make new mail notifications optional enhancement closed wishlist
#339 DirectConnect chat support enhancement closed pony
#340 [patch] fix IM connections to the same host as the one running bitlbee wilmer defect closed normal 1.2
#341 Challenge/response for messages from unknown senders enhancement new wishlist
#342 In GTALK, setting a user to never show up removes them completely from bitlebee defect closed normal
#343 debian package inetd bug defect closed major
#344 Jabber away state/message parsing not correct defect closed normal 1.2
#345 Jabber groupchat's doesn't display the chat topic enhancement closed normal
#346 Put users into qualified namespace. enhancement new normal
#347 Groupchat message from unknown participant defect closed normal 1.2
#348 bitlbee not connecting if charset == iso-8859-15 and Realname contains a "umlaut" defect closed normal 1.2
#349 "help quickstart2" error Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor 1.2
#350 1.1.1dev and bzr head won't build on SunOS 5.10 defect closed normal 1.2
#351 msn Error: Challenge response invalid wilmer defect closed major 1.2
#352 help.txt opened more than once defect closed normal 1.2
#353 set msn/display_name foo is ignored defect closed normal
#354 Can't join jabber chatroom with 1.1.1dev defect closed normal
#355 main dev tree link doesn't work defect closed normal
#356 bitlbee does not detect connection loss defect new normal
#357 character coding mistakes defect closed normal
#358 allow setting of online status messages enhancement closed wishlist
#359 Show IRCName instead of [username] defect closed wishlist
#360 Implement MSN SOAP authentication wilmer enhancement closed normal
#361 'Hello' Problem in Yahoo wilmer defect closed major
#362 sasl_get_part() does not handle spaces correctly defect closed normal
#363 MSN (Now Playing Status Message) wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#364 compilation under cygwin missing getaddrinfo defect closed normal
#366 Login error: Couldn't connect to host Jelmer Vernooij task closed normal
#367 Delete Account Bug for AFKIM V.3.3.1 defect closed normal
#368 Bitlbee hangs on buddy list request when compiled with OpenSSL defect closed normal 1.2.1
#369 Proper SSL connection verification wilmer defect closed minor
#370 Yahoo warning: Version of messenger will expire on April 2, 2008 wilmer enhancement closed normal
#371 Bitlbee receives null messages from mobile IM clients for AIM Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#373 Charset mismatch detected. The charset setting is currently set to none. defect closed critical 1.2.1
#374 Processes don't die in ForkDaemon + GLib mode defect closed critical 1.2.1
#375 problems compiling bitlbee-1.2 defect closed normal
#377 AFKIM teh b0rk defect closed critical
#378 "rename root BitlBee" is not saved, so lost after restart defect closed normal
#379 Unable to login with gmail account defect closed major
#380 wrong usage of g_strsplit defect closed minor
#381 allow to disable some messaging protocol with recompilation defect closed wishlist
#383 contacts with current user nick defect closed normal
#384 Don't re-create the iconv "object" all the time defect closed normal 1.2.1
#385 Run BitlBee win32 port as background service enhancement closed major
#386 Crash in "account del" confirmation code defect closed normal 1.2.1
#387 Yahoo connection failed, "version of messenger expired" wilmer defect closed normal
#389 Yahoo messenger EOL wilmer defect closed normal
#390 bitlbee attempts to link to i386 libresolv.a on fedora 8 x64 defect closed normal
#391 bitlbee fails to compile with glib2-2.4.7-1 and glibc-2.3.4-2.25 on CentOS 4.4 final defect closed minor
#392 Multiple Connections task closed normal
#393 Exponential backoff in auto_reconnect code defect closed minor
#394 Unable to compile on FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE defect closed normal
#395 drop, error: 4 defect closed normal 1.2.2
#396 Act as XMPP Server (S2S only) enhancement closed wishlist
#397 Problems connecting to passworded Jabber conferences defect closed normal
#398 Jabber support broken on 1.2? defect closed normal
#399 charset check blocks my messages defect closed normal
#400 jabber - Warning: Could not handle presence information from ... defect closed normal
#401 Jabber Resources defect closed normal
#402 perl script that logout all IM account on irssi /quit enhancement closed wishlist
#403 remotes defect closed normal
#404 Connection cleanup not working properly wilmer defect closed major 1.2.1
#405 error, can't drop an account.. defect closed normal
#406 Jabber: Preset topic not set upon join if topic author not in room defect closed minor
#407 Invitations to MUC not received defect closed minor 1.2.1
#408 yes/no question for messages from unknown handle enhancement new normal
#409 Double g_free in proxy.c task closed normal
#410 IMing with Adium 1.2.5 contact receives HTML markup defect closed normal
#411 Harden bitlbee servers against spammers enhancement new normal
#414 name prefix/offline online wilmer task closed normal
#415 wrong names in jabber groupchats defect closed normal
#416 Disable auto-joining of control channel enhancement closed wishlist
#417 Yahoo buddies don't appear on buddy/channel list. defect closed normal
#418 Still allows login with incorrect auth password defect closed normal
#419 bitlbee sends invalid IRC messages by failing to remove whitespace from screen names defect closed major 1.2.1
#420 Jabber offline status messages defect new normal
#421 bitlbee is not doing SRV lookups on FreeBSD defect closed normal
#422 JID resource strings are case sensitive and should not be forced to lower case (patch supplied) defect closed normal 1.2.1
#423 PHP Bot, MSN problems defect closed normal
#424 Added AIM to, now unable to use service defect closed critical
#425 Check if the binary still exists when doing a /RESTART defect closed normal
#426 Replace bitlbee.conf parsing code defect closed normal
#427 Some rough edges in ForkDaemon mode task new normal
#428 Add a way to make the daemon mode stop listen()ing. enhancement closed normal
#429 [patch] Bitlbee 1.2.1 breaks glib 2.4 compatibility, uses g_file_test() from glib 2.8 defect closed normal 1.2.2
#430 AIM (oscar) appears to be broken Jelmer Vernooij defect closed major
#431 small cleanups: char* -> const char*; quoted headers enhancement closed normal
#432 Yahoo! add buddy problem on wilmer defect closed normal
#433 Bitlbee no longer permits auto-login with ChatZilla defect closed normal
#434 Absolutely confused....have no idea what bitlbee is and why I can't use Colloquy like i used to, please help defect closed critical
#435 Bitlbee goes crazy after using "remove" Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#436 Feature Request: Telnet task closed pony
#437 jabbers tells cannot login, xml stream error wilmer defect closed normal
#438 Unable to login to MSN accounts as of today. wilmer defect closed wishlist
#439 SOAP-based authentication broken wilmer defect closed major 1.2.2
#440 No smooth upgrade path from the old to the new RESTART mechanism defect closed wishlist 1.2.2
#441 fails defect closed minor
#442 Support Skype Chat enhancement closed wishlist
#443 Modification for away_devoice defect closed wishlist
#444 NULL pointer dereference defect closed critical 1.2.2
#445 Bitlbee will show alert of Offline Message, but not show the actual message defect closed normal
#446 i can't open bitlbee!!! defect closed major
#447 quit on Ctrl+B wilmer defect closed normal
#448 Tests suite failed on check_set enhancement closed normal
#449 Display Image enhancement closed wishlist
#450 private messages originating in jabber chat rooms are slightly broken defect closed minor
#453 Unnecessary error messages with Microsoft Office Communications Server contacts wilmer defect closed normal
#454 Re: identifying to bitlbee enhancement closed wishlist
#455 Excessive Yahoo ping problem affecting reliability wilmer defect closed normal
#456 Refactor encode/decode programs to useful things enhancement closed normal
#457 rename defect closed normal
#458 Google Talk Invisibility wilmer enhancement new normal
#459 Hardcoded authentication URL enhancement closed normal
#460 bitlbee on dsorganise (nintendo ds homebrew) defect closed normal
#461 AIM Cell Phone Contacts Not Functional Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed normal
#462 AIM Mobile Contacts Not Differentiated Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#463 Kerberos Support enhancement closed normal
#464 Can't save accounts defect closed blocker
#465 Incorrectly reporting "Invalid channel name" for jabber chat defect closed normal
#466 Can't remove accounts. defect closed minor
#467 ERC Doesn't voice/devoice defect closed normal
#468 windows in bitlbee nintendo DS defect closed wishlist
#469 Ability to create persistent channel names using imcb_chat_new() enhancement closed normal
#470 Unwanted echos in Jabber group chats wilmer defect closed normal
#471 Error reported by MSN server wilmer defect closed normal
#472 Error reported by MSN server wilmer defect closed normal
#473 Japanese names do not work correctly in Jabber chatroom wilmer defect closed normal
#474 Help topic groupchat2 says "chat_add" where it should be "chat add" Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor
#475 return in void functions defect closed normal
#476 forked process should unconditionally close fd 0-2 defect closed normal
#477 Talking to Invisible Users wilmer enhancement closed normal
#478 Repeated message when adding a user from ICQ defect new normal
#479 chat.h should be installed with install-dev defect closed normal
#480 disable strip on os x defect closed normal
#481 Patch for supporting variable msn host/port. enhancement closed normal
#482 Joining a Google Talk group chat causes Segmentation Fault wilmer defect closed major
#483 Bitlbee crashed with defect closed normal
#484 bitlbee wilmer defect closed normal
#485 Gtalk Status Overflow defect new normal
#486 sending ctrl+<char> with bitlbee disconnects defect closed blocker
#488 Confusing error message when identifying more than once. defect closed normal
#489 Jabber crashes when using IRC control codes wilmer defect closed critical
#490 Bitlbee does not show the real nicknames when connecting to enhancement new wishlist
#491 Error 0x0010 when adding buddy on oscar protocol: clarify error message enhancement closed normal
#492 Unknown settings make bitlbee segfault. defect closed normal
#493 Unable to login to Yahoo. wilmer defect closed major
#495 Add support for Yammer to bitlbee enhancement closed pony
#496 Twitter "protocol" support enhancement closed normal
#497 Bitlbee suggestions enhancement closed normal
#498 unable to bind UNIX socket to /var/run/bitlbee.sock defect closed normal
#499 Nick generation issue defect closed normal
#500 allow for send messages to routing to specific jabber resources or all jabber resources wilmer enhancement closed normal
#501 /join on an unavailable chat causes NULL pointer dereference defect closed critical 1.2.4
#502 Personal Message wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#503 Yahoo Messenger version set to expire in August 2009 defect closed normal
#504 "chat set", (server) crashes defect closed normal
#505 Yahoo version will expire wilmer defect closed major 1.2.4
#507 SameTime protocol enhancement closed pony
#508 no way to connect to sametime servers enhancement closed normal
#509 TLS connectivity issue wilmer defect closed normal
#510 integration of facebook chat to bitlbee enhancement closed wishlist
#511 gtalk messages are delivered to the wrong endpoint defect closed normal
#512 mobile aim users defect closed normal
#513 Random number of add-friend requests are sent (oscar) defect reopened normal
#514 Bitlbee's AIM groupchat implementation does not support exchange designation Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed normal
#515 Yahoo via BitlBee is going to expire? defect closed major
#516 Twitter support enhancement closed normal
#517 unknown handle even though user is on list Jelmer Vernooij defect closed major
#518 configure script couldn't find (installed) gnutls-dev defect closed normal
#519 individual IM away states enhancement closed wishlist
#520 msn connection failure with pending buddy invite(s) wilmer defect closed major
#521 Bitlbee ignores XMPP <thread> metadata enhancement new pony
#522 Google Talk password with @ in it not accepted wilmer defect closed minor
#523 Add support for OCS (port pidgin-sipe?) enhancement closed pony
#524 T-shirt defect closed critical
#525 Yahoo issues defect closed normal
#526 Yahoo issues defect closed blocker
#527 Unable to connect to yahoo servers wilmer defect closed blocker
#528 Yahoo no longer works! defect closed critical
#529 Yahoo logins defect closed major
#530 Asynchronous writes in the MSN module wilmer defect closed normal
#531 facebook chat task closed normal
#532 ./configure doesn't check for presence of xmlto, make fails when it isn't found defect closed minor
#533 ignore "jabber - Warning: Received incomplete IQ-get packet" messages wilmer enhancement closed normal
#534 public api header includes a private one defect closed normal
#535 Jabber groupchat join errors with openfire (Already present in chat, etc) defect reopened major
#536 msn "Unknown authentication type" wilmer defect closed normal
#537 There is no away_priority setting yet enhancement closed normal
#538 Permission bug in bitlbee 1.2.4 defect closed normal
#539 When a contact is in a chat: PART instead of QUIT? defect new normal
#540 bitlbee connection in Opera browser auto dis-connects defect closed normal
#545 Set my own alias/display_name in Jabber wilmer defect new wishlist
#546 MSN mobile contacts not differentiated wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#547 Sending "<?xml version='1.0' ?>" breaks connection when ssl/tls on port 5222 defect closed normal
#548 [] multiple connection errors, need to try three times. wilmer defect closed major
#549 HTML in Chatrooms defect new normal
#550 ICQ (re)connect stalls in "connecting" state Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#551 forgets display name wilmer defect closed normal
#553 Jabber / XMPP mobile contacts not differentiated wilmer enhancement new wishlist
#554 Jabber/XMPP server-side password changes wilmer defect new normal
#555 MSN login failure .............. I could not login , why is that ? defect closed normal
#556 Extra Characters in Jabber Messages enhancement closed wishlist
#557 &apos; wilmer defect closed minor
#558 Add O_SYNC to open() when writing XML configuration enhancement closed normal
#559 Add O_SYNC to open() when writing XML configuration enhancement closed normal
#560 Conversion of '.accounts' file to .xml file fails when 'Authmode = Registered' defect closed normal
#561 feature requst: default oscar charset enhancement new normal
#562 feature requst: oscar: ignore authentication request from unknown sources Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed normal
#563 Some contacts don't show up in blist. defect closed normal
#564 Bitlbee does not allow communication with bots on AIM defect closed major
#565 Accounts with Spaces in Password defect closed normal
#566 Does not support Cyrillic (Russian) and possibly any non-ASCII nicknames in Jabber chats defect closed normal
#567 Feature Request: ability to send message for specified jabber resource wilmer enhancement closed normal
#568 [patch] enhancement to blist format defect closed normal
#569 Can't connect to Jabber server on localhost ("stanza sent before session start") defect closed normal
#570 BitlBee fails to connect to QQ (problems with protocol version setting) wilmer defect closed normal
#571 BitlBee no-quit patch enhancement closed normal
#572 deb pkgs task closed normal
#573 'blist' doesn't show Available status messages defect closed major
#574 Please allow renaming of &bitlbee channel enhancement closed pony
#575 I'd love to see .debs generated enhancement closed pony
#576 logging / chat history feature enhancement new wishlist
#577 patch: persistent channel names for groupchats enhancement closed normal
#578 [PATCH] Oscar: add an ignore_add setting to be able to ignore additions enhancement closed normal
#579 Cannot connect to icq, gtalk and jabber after upgrade to 1.2.5 defect closed normal
#580 Missing "bitlbee -v" at comand line wilmer enhancement closed normal 1.2.6
#581 ForkDaemon misses setsid() call defect closed normal 1.2.6
#582 BitlBee displays XMPP <message> without <body> as "Message: " wilmer defect closed normal
#583 Work around new Debian IPv6 idiocy defect closed normal 1.2.6
#584 RSS feed for home page broken Jelmer Vernooij defect closed major
#585 in the module is not working jabber PLAIN authentication. wilmer defect closed normal
#586 Cannot add/accept Yahoo contacts wilmer defect closed normal
#590 Talk to WLM contacts with Yahoo wilmer defect closed normal
#591 Dash (-) in jabber chatrooms makes the connection fail defect closed normal
#592 Un-shorten URLs geert enhancement closed normal
#593 support geert enhancement closed normal
#594 SSL support for Twitter geert enhancement closed normal
#595 set mode for twitter fails geert defect closed normal
#596 OAuth support for Twitter geert enhancement closed normal
#597 Search channel support for Twitter geert enhancement closed normal
#598 Twitter: support to follow/unfollow geert defect closed normal
#599 Twitter: variable for poll-intervall geert defect closed normal
#600 Twitter: on signon, get friends/followers geert defect closed normal
#601 Twitter: identify followers geert enhancement new normal
#602 Twitter: /invite and /kick support geert defect closed normal
#603 HotorNot chat protocol enhancement closed pony
#604 user ID's in facebook enhancement closed wishlist
#605 3 twitter improvements geert enhancement closed wishlist
#606 Allow renaming #twitter_... channel geert enhancement new normal
#607 Jabber port list restriction defect closed normal
#608 typing notification fails with gmail chat/webapp users wilmer defect closed normal 1.2.6
#609 Twitter protocol support should turn "username: foo" into "@username foo" geert enhancement closed wishlist
#610 [MSN] Authentication failure with password containing special characters. defect closed major
#611 Debian init script doesn't respect conf file nor kill forked daemon children defect closed normal
#612 Twitter: HTML entities like &lt; and &gt; aren't unescaped to < and > geert defect closed normal
#613 Better input validation on default_target setting defect closed major
#614 Can't log on msn account wilmer defect closed normal
#615 allow nicks starting with numbers enhancement new normal
#616 Bitlbee seems to connect to undernet defect closed minor
#617 Twitter support sends HTML entities and counts them incorrectly geert defect closed normal
#618 Use of expressions in nick_source enhancement closed wishlist
#619 doc says ignore_auth_requests is true by default, but it's false defect closed normal
#620 Use iconv -> ASCII//TRANSLIT for better nicknames defect closed normal
#621 use apt-secure for .deb repo enhancement closed normal
#622 register bitlbee application with twitter. enhancement closed wishlist
#623 .deb repository: add "dists" defect new normal
#624 getting superfluous PM from identichat defect new normal
#625 Custom prefix for buddies from various networks? enhancement closed wishlist
#626 Support for Steam chat enhancement closed pony
#627 libcaca could be used to show contact's avatar enhancement new pony
#628 save command doesn't work until reconnection to bitlbee ircd after adding an account? defect closed normal
#629 Truncate the status message of users to a configurable length enhancement new normal
#630 Multiple twitter accounts for the same user don't work due to corrupted OAUTH defect closed normal
#631 Bitlbee unable to connect to Openfire Jabber servers that use the Client Control plugin enhancement closed normal
#632 Multiple AIM accounts for one channel defect closed normal
#633 Removal of buddies on oscar protocol does not remove buddy at server Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#634 UI-Fix branch auto_connect channels enhancement closed wishlist
#635 UI-Fix branch auto_connect channels enhancement closed wishlist
#636 twitter history limit on_load enhancement closed wishlist
#637 Clean up chatrooms when leaving/re-entering defect closed normal
#638 Can't connect to Gmail wilmer defect closed normal
#639 twitter channel defect closed normal
#640 Twitter: DOS newline not ignored geert defect closed normal
#641 http_client.c hardly speaks HTTP/1.0 geert defect closed normal
#642 Windows Live Groups and Bitlbee wilmer defect closed normal
#643 twitter_lib.c:176: undefined reference to `g_ascii_strtoll' defect closed normal
#644 Using IPv6 to connect into XMPP-server wilmer enhancement closed normal
#646 Error: Could not retrieve /statuses/home_timeline.xml: 400 Bad Request (Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 75 requests per hour. geert defect closed normal
#647 GMail new mail notification wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#648 Using Twitter and Identica accounts with the same username defect closed normal
#649 IRC Actions should be sent as "*blah*" rather than "/me blah" on protocols that don't support them. enhancement closed wishlist
#650 Bitlbee segfaults due to twitter protocol defect closed normal
#651 HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized generated when I post a message with french characters geert defect closed major
#652 as Skype gateway enhancement closed normal
#653 Update from bitlbee_bzr-devel-578 to bitlbee-dev_bzr-wilmer-ui-fix_711 breaks dircproxy "compatibility" defect closed major
#654 Facebook Chat - jabber - Warning: Received incomplete IQ-set packet wilmer defect closed major
#655 Connect to AOL on port 80 results in "oscar - Couldn't log in: FLAP framing disrupted" defect closed normal
#656 100% cpu when trying to stop/restart non-forked bitlbee defect closed major
#657 'password is empty' should be 'password is set' or 'password is hidden' enhancement closed minor
#658 Hide switchboard errors when it's about typing notices enhancement closed minor
#659 If there is a control channel, add name changes to that channel enhancement closed minor
#660 Implement the /list command enhancement closed normal
#661 "Did I ask you something?" is a question. defect closed normal
#662 Adding connecting to jabber crashes 1.2.8 on CentOS x86_65 defect closed normal
#663 Retrieve Twitter "mentions" timeline geert enhancement closed minor
#664 Retrieve tweets from Twitter saved searches geert enhancement closed wishlist
#665 Allow bitlbee to build with gcc 3 again wilmer enhancement closed minor
#666 support enhancement closed pony
#667 Compilation problems on Solaris defect closed normal
#668 BitlBee does not send old timestamps to #twitter defect closed normal
#669 bzr rev >= #643 fails to build defect closed normal
#670 Updating new irssi scripts for snapshot 1.3 timing enhancement closed normal
#671 libpurple + typing notifications wilmer enhancement closed normal
#672 blist show x account enhancement closed normal
#673 Better handling of IPv6 failure defect closed major
#674 Sending multiline messages enhancement new wishlist
#675 No new query is opened, when using /msg $NAME defect closed normal
#676 nick generation issues defect closed normal
#677 local_display_name in msn defect closed normal
#678 MSN users blocked after adding. wilmer defect closed major
#679 [patch] Use server-side buddy list for Gadu-Gadu wilmer enhancement closed normal
#680 rejoining #twitter_username loses users defect closed normal
#681 bitlbee not recognising when yahoo is disconnected wilmer defect closed normal
#682 XMPP/Jabber contact messages are sent to the wrong resource wilmer enhancement closed normal
#683 Twitter: prepend '@' to nicks if not already present enhancement closed normal
#684 'help nick_format' tells user to read more with non-working command defect closed minor
#685 Sharing Yahoo and msn contacts defect closed normal
#686 twitter: replying to user not in channel - not converted to a @reply geert defect closed normal
#687 linking otr fails on MacOS 10.5.8 defect closed normal
#688 make distclean error on MacOS X defect closed normal
#689 Twitter prefix from account tag and small fixes geert enhancement closed normal
#690 strip_html doesn't parse OTR messages pesco defect closed normal
#691 OTR color setting pesco enhancement new normal
#692 session take over defect closed normal
#693 resurrect support for showing OTR status via mode flags pesco enhancement new wishlist
#694 OTR kills the Bee pesco defect closed normal
#695 nogaim.h contains an invalid include of lib/events.h defect closed normal
#696 nick_source gets ignored in facebook chat (libpurple's jabber) wilmer defect closed minor
#697 Add a timestamp to queries in the qlist enhancement new normal
#698 'unrename all' command enhancement new normal
#699 nick_format compatible with renamed nicks (rename cmd) enhancement new normal
#700 --otr=plugin breaks make install defect closed normal
#701 Nick generation screws up with invalid characters in nick_format defect closed normal
#702 Almost had an infinite loop in nick_get() defect closed normal
#703 Make default_target have scope of a control channel enhancement new normal
#704 Support for Facebook news feed (like twitter) enhancement closed pony
#705 Implement twitter in context replies with mode "one" geert enhancement new normal
#706 The root user shows nick statuses in the "active" channel instead of the channel where the person is enhancement new normal
#707 Can not disable OTR once set up pesco defect closed normal
#708 Can't use use purple protocols on Bitlbee 3 wilmer defect closed normal
#709 failed compiling ipc.c defect closed normal
#710 Multi-Line messages in OTR, text colour pesco defect closed minor
#711 Add SSL-support for ICQ Jelmer Vernooij enhancement closed wishlist
#712 msn buddies are always shown offline(acually online) defect closed normal
#713 Make bitlbee's ./configure work with Eclipse defect closed normal
#714 build with NSS as SSL library defect closed normal
#715 bug in glib event loop management defect closed normal
#716 disconnect jabber from defect closed normal
#717 Photo support for bitlbee-libpurple wilmer enhancement new wishlist
#718 Users never leave defect closed normal
#719 Pasting a few lines makes otr crash bitlbee pesco defect closed normal
#720 Cannot set 'password' for channels in latest version (and passing password to /join no longer works) defect closed normal
#721 Add short numerical ids to tweets, for easy replying/retweeting of individual tweets geert enhancement closed pony
#722 icq plugin connected but i am shown as offline at my contacts Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#723 Spaces are left inside nicknames defect closed major
#724 GTalk(all jabber?) users don`t go offline in bitlbee when they go offline wilmer defect closed normal
#725 Changes for build on Fedora/Red Hat distro defect closed normal
#726 Warnings while building bitlbee defect new normal
#727 msn login server error defect closed normal
#728 AI_ADDRCONFIG not defined on OpenBSD defect closed normal
#729 Cannot connect to google talk using non-gmail account wilmer defect closed minor
#730 Jabber: can't create a conference when invited to it wilmer defect closed normal
#731 Allow implementation to be chosen per protocol or per account enhancement closed pony
#732 Commands do not fail gracefully defect closed minor
#733 connecting to ICQ fails defect closed normal
#734 Problem authenticating when password contains comma defect closed normal
#735 The MSN servers could not deliver one of your messages to <someone> wilmer defect closed normal
#736 require some (perhaps user-definable) prefix to post on twitter geert enhancement closed normal
#737 support block/allow in jabber protocol enhancement new normal
#738 systemd support enhancement closed normal
#739 The XMPP file transfer "proxy" setting is confusing. defect new normal
#740 OTR: add subcommand 'reconnect' wilmer enhancement closed normal
#741 Implement group info command enhancement closed normal
#742 Adding jabber account without server results in 'Glib-Critical' warnings wilmer defect closed minor
#743 Centos 5 bitlbee 3.0.1 segfaults on connection to a jabber/facebook account defect closed normal
#744 "Create an account first" is a somewhat misleading error message defect closed normal
#745 When non-root, can't bind to privledged port enhancement closed normal
#746 Is Support Here? defect closed normal
#747 Random disconnect on KVM VPS wilmer defect closed normal
#748 MetaUsers enhancement closed wishlist
#749 proxy setting for both bitlbee and bitlbee-libpurple enhancement closed normal
#750 address doesn't work. defect closed normal
#751 otr plugin doesn't respect a user's LDFLAGS pesco defect closed normal
#752 Bitlbee doesn't work on Debian Squeeze defect closed critical
#753 --ssl=bogus, compile problem: ssl_pending defect closed normal
#754 [PATCH] Compile failure when ssl is not enabled defect closed normal
#755 Salting passwords and other than MD5 alghoritms. enhancement closed normal
#757 Bring back lcnicks setting defect new normal
#758 Jabber password containing slash (forward and back) characters fails authentication wilmer defect closed normal
#759 send "the following was not encrypted" messages during OTR from the respective user wilmer enhancement closed major
#760 No information about support in basic version defect closed normal
#761 Twitter messages while using account. defect closed normal
#762 Away status is inaccurate when contact is signed into Jabber multiple times wilmer defect new normal
#763 bitlbee treats bouble slash in password incorrectly defect closed normal
#764 Answer "no" to all questions enhancement reopened wishlist
#765 OTR: add "reconnect" subcommand pesco enhancement closed normal
#766 OTR: auto reconnect? pesco enhancement closed normal
#767 OTR: follow $handle_unknown pesco enhancement closed major
#768 now supports oauth, but oauth token has twitter token url? defect closed normal
#772 bitlbee and gtalk routing issues defect closed normal
#773 Not able to send priv msg to users in anon groupchats. wilmer defect new normal
#776 You should know BEFORE sending a text if you have gone off-the-record or not pesco enhancement new wishlist
#777 Colors cause a Netsplit wilmer defect closed normal
#778 Bitlbee version numbers and Debian packages defect closed normal
#779 Bitlbee hangs on buddy list request when compiled with GnuTLS an connected to wilmer defect closed normal
#780 bitlbee disconnect after /part from groupchat defect closed major
#781 Certain 3rd party plugins not working wilmer defect closed normal
#782 Twitter: handle follow requests geert defect closed normal
#783 Default account and room suffix for easy joining jabber channels enhancement new normal
#784 Jabber/gChat problem "Stream error: str:text" wilmer defect closed normal
#785 BitlBee can't establish SSL connections with NSS, works when starting via "bitlbee -D -n" dx defect closed major
#786 Build system doesn't differentiate between compiler and linker options defect new normal
#787 Inetd mode for the on-demand systemd unit isn't forced defect closed normal
#788 Retweet fails geert defect closed normal
#789 ServerMod Settings enhancement closed wishlist
#790 Crash in ssl_gnutls.c defect closed normal
#791 Account Specific OTR Settings defect closed normal
#792 Twitter - Recieve DMs geert enhancement closed normal
#793 Twitter items with id 0 are considered to not exist. defect closed normal
#794 Twitter : error retrieving friends statuses defect closed normal
#795 handle captcha in bitlbee-libpurple wilmer defect new normal
#796 PyICQt transport nickname convention violation wilmer enhancement closed normal
#797 No configure test for OTR headers pesco enhancement closed minor
#798 403 Forbidden on /statuses/friends.xml geert defect closed normal
#799 missing while inslalling 3.0.3 port on Freebsd 7.2-RELEASE-p4 defect closed minor
#800 no help for offline_user_quits Jelmer Vernooij defect closed minor
#801 /join with password defect closed major
#802 bitlbee.socket should listen on [::1]:6667, too enhancement closed wishlist
#803 Google talk timeouts.. defect new normal
#804 configure : line 'twitter=1' unnecessarily duplicated. defect closed minor
#805 Twitter: auto-delete old tweets geert enhancement closed normal
#806 bitlbee with otr crash pesco defect closed major
#807 Setting /away to invisible/hidden doesn't change your status to invisible on aim/oscar defect new normal
#808 Authentication failure in gmail. Pass it's okay defect closed normal
#809 Email Based Protocal enhancement closed wishlist
#810 In non-anonymous Jabber rooms, using the full Jabber ID as nick will result in "broken" highlights wilmer defect closed normal
#811 no way to block people not on your contact list enhancement new wishlist
#812 Twitter confirm of follow request geert enhancement closed normal
#813 Oscar module fails to produce outgoing Unicode messages Jelmer Vernooij defect closed normal
#814 Can't use /oper to change passwords of existing accounts. enhancement closed normal
#815 identify -noload doesn't work with /oper defect closed normal
#816 MSN blocklist not working? defect closed normal
#817 Enhancement: Twitter: treat hashtags (hash tags) as channels - convenient way to follow hashtags geert enhancement closed wishlist
#818 add per-user OTR policy setting pesco enhancement accepted normal
#819 Bitlbee disconnects on receiving an OTRed message pesco defect closed normal
#820 Skype does not compile on NetBSD defect closed normal
#821 support tweet-entity expanded_url enhancement closed normal
#822 Segfault on jabber file transfers wilmer defect closed normal
#823 OTR crashing in newest bzr pesco defect closed major
#824 OTR plugin html-escapes all (even unencrypted) messages wilmer defect closed major
#825 msn: removed buddies still appear in buddy list wilmer defect closed minor
#826 Simpler groupchats defect new normal
#827 Bitlbee 3.0.3 MSN Connection Failure. wilmer defect closed normal
#828 Oscar - friendly message for "buddy already in list" enhancement closed minor
#829 WLM profile picture doesnt show to buddies defect closed normal
#830 colored /me (OTR) from IM not converted to CTCP ACTION wilmer defect closed normal
#831 cant reply myself in twitter defect closed normal
#832 Segfault on Jabber groupchat invite wilmer defect closed normal
#833 unreachable defect closed blocker
#834 Make IPC socket path configurable at runtime enhancement closed wishlist
#835 an attacker can spoof color codes pesco defect closed major
#836 multiple jabber clients on the same account fight over OTR sessions pesco defect new wishlist
#837 When joining oscar (AOL IM) group chats, /names shows full contact roster instead of just who's in the chat defect closed normal
#838 Twitter stops fetching tweets after 5am CET defect closed normal
#839 Revision 803 crashes if otr_color_encrypted is false wilmer defect closed major
#840 missing /para in quickstart.xml defect closed minor
#841 Bitlbee Segfaults when using bitlbee-plugin-skype Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#842 'help channels3' has incorrect syntax defect closed minor
#843 handle twitter in right way enhancement closed normal
#844 Basic Activity Logging enhancement new normal
#845 Proxy: change from global to account setting enhancement new pony
#846 Bitlbee Start/Stop script in Debian doesn't stop bitlbee defect closed normal
#847 Please make proxy server configurable per account wilmer enhancement closed normal
#848 "alist" shortcut for "account list" enhancement closed wishlist
#849 My user account defect closed minor
#850 bitlbee 3.0.3 will not connect to msn defect closed major
#851 OSCAR / ICQ Login does not work any more in newer bzr-revisions defect closed minor
#852 Bitlbee does not drop groups correctly in unix.c defect closed normal
#853 Possible path traversal in otr_save wilmer defect closed normal
#854 can not get buddy list from msn account defect closed normal
#855 [Twitter] count URLs as $short_url_length defect closed normal
#856 [Twitter] display friendships/incoming enhancement closed normal
#857 Segfault on msn_soap_passport_sso_build_request, bzr 825 wilmer defect closed major
#858 msn - Login error: Someone else logged in with your account wilmer defect closed normal
#859 MSN Login Failure 3.0.3 defect closed normal
#860 Implement ssl_pending() for GnuTLS defect closed normal
#861 A decent update mechanism for bitlbee in irssi enhancement closed normal
#862 HTML tags not correctly stripped with OTR pesco defect closed normal
#863 [Patch] allow jabber users to avoid sasl authentication enhancement closed normal
#864 Report error messages in appropriate channel enhancement closed minor
#865 Make bitlbee send "is away" and such status messages via &bitlbee channel instead of separate query window defect closed normal
#866 Workaround broken SASL implementation(s) wilmer enhancement closed normal
#867 Option to not store account passwords enhancement new wishlist
#868 bee dies using otr trust someone and otr messages shown as notices pesco defect closed normal
#869 aim/oscar away glitch defect closed normal
#870 Jabber/Google Talk disconnects ( error: str:text) wilmer defect closed normal
#871 Switch MSN implementation to XMPP wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#872 Unable to reply to twitter (therefor posts defect closed normal
#873 C++ Plugin Support defect closed normal
#874 Fix MSN offline messages wilmer defect closed normal
#875 Disconnected when trying to initialize a conversation (OTR) pesco defect closed normal
#876 Twitter replies using user_id don't always work. defect closed normal
#877 Script to import pidgin accounts to bitlbee fails if password not defined in accounts.xml defect closed minor
#878 auto_connect=no setting ignored when declining session take-over defect closed minor
#879 Support for tweetmarker enhancement closed pony
#880 Un-identify after some time defect closed normal
#881 OpenSSL compile but in rev 867 defect closed critical
#882 does not verify SSL certificates for twitter/identica defect closed normal
#883 segfault when connecting to oscar defect closed normal
#884 segmentation fault while connecting to icq defect closed normal
#885 segmentation fault when connecting to icq defect closed normal
#886 Rev 870: Jabber login error, SSL certificate verification not supported by BitlBee OpenSSL code. wilmer defect closed major
#887 Rejecting a buddy request on jabber actually accepts it wilmer defect closed major
#888 Crash in twitter_groupchat defect closed major
#889 A list for Jabber channels to show all existing channels on the network wilmer enhancement new normal
#890 Msn not connecting defect closed normal
#891 Fatal Signal Received: 11 defect closed major
#892 twitter disconnect bitlbee due authentication failure defect closed major
#893 Multiple twitter accounts causes 'Authentication failure' defect closed normal
#894 Random crashes or Twitter disconnects with GLib error defect closed normal
#895 Support for the count option in the Twitter API enhancement closed minor
#896 Add newlines to debugging output defect closed minor
#897 Bitlbee segfaults defect closed normal
#898 libpurple - handle "split user" (i.e. additional info like servername in username) wilmer defect closed normal
#899 debian now includes python-skype so afaik skype could be enabled now Miklos Vajna enhancement closed normal
#900 Facebook nick separator enhancement closed normal
#901 Segfaults with skype-plugin Miklos Vajna defect closed major
#902 msn contacts failing - adding and online status wilmer defect closed normal
#903 Move to Github enhancement closed wishlist
#904 Replying 'no' to Google Talk contact request accepts the contact wilmer defect closed normal
#905 Close OTR connections on disconnect pesco enhancement closed wishlist
#906 Contacts added via Google Plus show up as odd strings instead of screen names defect closed normal
#907 Missing SRCDIR directive for Makefile? defect closed normal
#908 Bitlbee won't join channels automatically / save them defect closed normal
#909 Add configurable timeout *before* messages are displayed as an anti-spam feature on twitter (possibly other protocols) enhancement closed wishlist
#910 libpurple module should remember accepted SSL certificates wilmer defect closed normal
#911 Skype group chats appearing as individual messages defect closed normal
#912 Retweet happened but no notification of success defect closed normal
#913 Strange forking vs. non-forking issue defect closed normal
#914 OTR cannot write its config file wilmer defect assigned normal
#915 Skype group conversation Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#916 Channel name of Twitter’s timeline translation enhancement closed normal
#917 Client-side buddy list support missing for certain libpurple protocols that require it dx defect closed normal
#918 move messages written in other clients into the chat Miklos Vajna enhancement closed normal
#919 Handle invitations to known chatrooms wilmer defect new normal
#920 Makefile's BINDIR should read SBINDIR for systemd service files defect closed normal
#921 config: support multiple CAfile arguments defect new normal
#922 Joining named chatrooms mostly broken with libpurple wilmer defect closed minor
#923 Patch to add report-spam functionality to twitter enhancement closed normal
#924 Trouble denying friend request defect closed normal
#925 A way to change "private" setting per contact without sending message to the contact enhancement new wishlist
#926 Add option to only show tweets from select users/lists enhancement closed normal
#927 facebook messages get lost defect closed normal
#928 The translate_to_nicks setting seems not working defect new normal
#929 `channel #muc set -del nick` does not work defect closed normal
#930 Jabber chat: irc-nick should reflect channel-nick enhancement closed normal
#931 Offline messaging support for AIM (OSCAR)? enhancement closed normal
#932 Skype plugin should support typing notices Miklos Vajna enhancement closed wishlist
#933 Torchat functionality enhancement closed pony
#934 Warning: Almost had an infinite loop in nick_get() defect closed normal
#935 Cannot connect to with tls_verify = true on Ubuntu 12.04 beta defect closed normal
#936 identica support broke yesterday defect closed normal
#937 Automatically rejoin a jabber chatroom wilmer enhancement closed normal
#938 bitlbee segfaults with gnutls 3.0.18, infinite loop in http_incoming_data() defect closed major
#939 Add an option to ignore the backlog of tweets. enhancement closed normal
#940 Buddies Do Not Delete defect closed normal
#941 Bitlbee doesn't reconnect after resume from suspend state defect closed normal
#942 Omegle plugin enhancement closed pony
#943 Federated MSN contacts don't show up wilmer defect closed wishlist
#944 frequent segfaults when twitter account is enabled defect closed normal
#945 skyped: do not leak listening socket to skype Miklos Vajna enhancement closed normal
#946 GET GROUP xxx USERS locks up Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#947 skyped: better support for disconnected bitlbee Miklos Vajna enhancement closed wishlist
#948 Please make bitlbee.conf gender neutral enhancement closed minor
#949 "Invalid channel name" after installing Bitlbee defect closed major
#950 retweet is not working defect closed major
#951 bitlbee-plugin-skype segfaults Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#952 block and allow groups and/or handle regexp patterns enhancement new normal
#953 segfaults in twitter_lib.c on non-XML responses defect closed critical
#954 Twitter: Fail to receive the 0Auth token to log in defect closed normal
#955 RHEL 5 ships GLib 2.12.3 which does not provide GRegex defect closed major
#956 Merge some patches from RHEL defect closed normal
#957 Twitter: Reply to a retweeted message should go to the original tweeter enhancement closed normal
#958 0Auth token authentication will not work defect closed critical
#959 oauth not working with --ssl=openssl defect closed minor
#960 Allow more than 2-digit message ID on Twitter/ enhancement closed normal
#961 otr autoconnect pesco enhancement new normal
#962 Replies on don't work with "in context" feature defect closed normal
#963 frequent log off on Twitter defect closed normal
#964 impossible dependencies defect closed normal
#965 Number of parsed users limited to 1024 characters Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#966 skyped hangs shortly after client connects Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#967 repository signing key expired defect closed normal
#968 When updating packages get error: KEYEXPIRED 1338072862 task closed normal
#969 Cannot reconnect on Google Talk account with OAuth enabled defect closed normal
#970 Nick Removals Only Temporary defect closed normal
#971 Systemd support lacks unprivileged user and tmpfiles.d support enhancement new normal
#972 [PATCH] allow filtering of blist output enhancement closed normal
#973 Double-away unsets away mode on AIM defect closed normal
#974 use g_ascii_str* functions instead of g_str* enhancement closed normal
#975 uses OAuth as well defect closed normal
#976 nick_source is not being saved defect closed normal
#977 Specific jabber server doesn't work wilmer defect closed normal
#978 ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64 / mac os x lion Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#979 skyped stopped working with Skype Miklos Vajna defect closed major
#980 SSL: certificate pinning enhancement new normal
#981 [Patch] Harden Bitlbee by compiling it as a position independent executable (PIE) by default. enhancement closed wishlist
#982 Allow GnuTLS (and others?) to use SNI wilmer defect closed normal
#983 twitter: "fav" command to favorite a tweet, similar to "rt" enhancement closed normal
#984 Can't delete account passwords defect closed minor
#985 Memory leak in twitter_handle_command() defect closed normal
#986 support SILC protocol - Secure Internet Live Conferencing enhancement closed pony
#987 Opportunistic is misspelled "oppurtunistic" in the otr_policy default text defect closed minor
#988 gtalk accounts now need to set explicit "server" param task closed normal
#989 jabber does not try lower priority when higher priority server cannot be reached wilmer defect new normal
#990 Twitter fails to update when Jabber reconnecting defect closed normal
#991 Add setting enabling/disabling twitter autoposting enhancement closed normal
#992 Support for App.Net enhancement closed pony
#993 One of those weird issues when adding contacts on msn wilmer task closed normal
#994 Still some silly warnings while building bitlbee defect closed minor
#995 socks4a proxy type enhancement closed pony
#996 Switch to Twitter API 1.1 (with JSON and probably streaming API) defect closed normal
#997 Twitter: set user_agent enhancement closed normal
#998 Identica timeline reposts replies over and over defect closed normal
#999 [PATCH] Implement jabber message receipts (XEP-0184) enhancement closed normal
#1000 .deb: build for Quantal defect closed normal
#1001 Pending question list defect closed normal
#1002 Create bitlbee module for Foursquare enhancement closed pony
#1003 OpenBSD SRV lookup issues wilmer defect closed normal
#1004 bitlbee otr plugin does not compilet with libotr 4 pesco defect closed normal
#1005 Bitlbee using libpurple crash when recieve a file from ICQ wilmer defect closed normal
#1006 Clearer SSL error reporting defect new wishlist
#1007 Certificate verification problem 0x44: certificate uses an insecure algorithm defect closed normal
#1008 Listen on IPv4 *and* IPv6 when using "-i localhost" enhancement new normal
#1009 Facebook disconnects? defect closed normal
#1010 gtalk connections timing out? defect closed major
#1011 json-branch: Could not retrieve /1.1/report_spam.json: 404 Not Found defect closed normal
#1012 Bitlbee fails to send messages with umlaut-containing letters defect closed normal
#1013 MSN retiring wilmer task closed normal
#1014 xmpp: crash on file transfer defect closed major
#1015 NOTICEs are ignored wilmer defect closed normal
#1016 Support server-time client capability specification wilmer enhancement closed normal
#1017 MSN Group chat opening instead of single chat windows defect closed normal
#1018 Twitter DMs don't check for max length and show 403 errors in timeline channel instead defect closed minor
#1019 please allow "otr disconnect *" or do it on quit wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#1020 Twitter: rt <nick> sometimes misbehaves when rt'ing retweets defect closed normal
#1021 Support for Jabber XEP-0280, "Carbons" enhancement closed normal
#1022 Which handle is bitlbee referring to? wilmer defect closed minor
#1023 specify tag in blist root command enhancement closed normal
#1024 Facebook oauth token failing on bitlbee (page not found) wilmer defect closed normal
#1025 Multiple accounts on one control channel enhancement new normal
#1026 UTF-8 nick names in jabber group chats don't work wilmer defect closed normal
#1027 Bitlbee can't handle other clients with the same JID in jabber group chats defect new normal
#1028 suddenly seeing RTs from users i have set to 'off' defect closed normal
#1029 crash in ssl_read when doing "identify password" with Skype account defect closed normal
#1030 Command `block' not supported by yahoo protocol defect closed normal
#1031 Group chats / rooms in jabber get wrong new names. wilmer defect closed normal
#1032 MSN received offline messages not supported wilmer enhancement closed normal
#1033 gtalk shows '<< BitlBee - Message with subject:...' with every message wilmer defect closed normal
#1035 Connect to skyped fails with "Error while reading from server" / "global name 'done' is not defined" Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1036 Thorn is cut out defect closed normal
#1037 Skype plugin doesn't correctly handle group chats. Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1038 bitlbee dies with SIGABRT when trying to "account off" defect closed normal
#1039 No new buffer by receiving a new private message. wilmer defect closed normal
#1040 glibc detected invalid free in ssl_disconnect when using NSS defect closed normal
#1041 Jabber account connects, hangs after "Authentication Finished" defect closed normal
#1042 issues when a buddy has the same name in twitter and facebook defect closed normal
#1043 facebook authentication fails (missing access token) defect closed critical
#1044 Quoting characters removed from twitter messages dx defect closed normal
#1045 Skype: MSN accounts isn't showed in bitlbee Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1046 bitlbee hangs in `ssl_read` for google talk accounts defect closed normal
#1047 Oscar module uses non-canonical, non-portable iconv name for UCS-2BE defect closed normal
#1048 Bitlbee 3.2 lags and ping timeout defect closed normal
#1049 Facebook buddylist shows only one or two online wilmer defect closed major
#1050 nick_format should support last_name defect closed normal
#1051 devel: build for raring enhancement closed normal
#1052 bitlbee connection pinging out defect closed major
#1053 Bitlebee get kicked out of XMPP-MUCs when leaving the MUC from other Clients wilmer defect closed normal
#1054 Daily build debian testing unmet dependencies libgnutls28 (>= 3.0.20-0) defect closed minor
#1055 gpg-agent --daemon being spawned every 5 minutes defect closed normal
#1056 motd: "BitlBee development team." makes no sense defect closed minor
#1057 Debian Wheezy package depends on unavailable package libgnutls28 defect closed normal
#1058 Custom control channels (fill_by custom) enhancement new wishlist
#1059 Mobile clients do not show up in facebook contacts on irc client wilmer defect closed normal
#1060 Add twitter like reddit support enhancement closed pony
#1061 Trailing whitespace in jabber messages. defect closed normal
#1062 MSN passport authentication failure (null) wilmer defect closed normal
#1063 ubuntu builds can't use the online help system defect closed normal
#1064 twitter login error 403 forbidden defect closed normal
#1065 Members of group chats appearing in separate PM windows Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1066 Randomly appearing skype contact info Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1067 Nick naming broken somewhere between 20130601 and 0617 defect closed normal
#1068 Buddy list for Jabber server appears for only one Bitlbee instance wilmer defect closed normal
#1069 %account doesn't appear with and yahoo account defect new minor
#1070 Bitlbee 3.2 can be installed with a 3.0 otr plugin defect closed minor
#1071 Setting yourself away and then logging off makes you appear online and away after defect new normal
#1072 Newlines in tweets defect closed normal
#1073 segfault in check_nick.c when running "make check" defect closed normal
#1074 Time limit for old mentions on connect enhancement new wishlist
#1075 PGP support for Jabber (XEP-0027) enhancement closed wishlist
#1076 Support the protocol enhancement closed pony
#1077 [PATCH] Twitter URL length calculated wrong defect closed normal
#1078 BZR log widget on does not update defect closed normal
#1079 diaspora support enhancement closed pony
#1080 gtalk JID mismatch when id's match? dx defect closed normal
#1082 Twitter can't get contact list defect closed major
#1083 Support of Channels for messages vs Query enhancement closed normal
#1084 Attempting to add an account gives OAuth error: 404 Not Found defect closed pony
#1085 Configuration patches for pkgconfig file defect closed normal
#1086 Facebook clients rejoin with profile ID defect closed normal
#1087 Yahoo Account Locked defect closed major
#1088 'otr forget key' doesn't complain if the entered key has the wrong length pesco enhancement closed minor
#1089 'otr forget key' fails if given the full key as argument pesco defect closed minor
#1090 issues with LDFLAGS variable defect closed normal
#1091 "stack overflow in function dccs_send_start" on XMPP file transfer defect closed normal
#1092 Can't twitter reply to own tweets defect closed normal
#1093 Twitter confusion between tweets with ID 0xEE and the @EE account defect closed normal
#1094 Can't fav tweets defect closed normal
#1095 Add "replyall" command to Twitter enhancement closed normal
#1096 Allow aliases for Twitter 'favourite' command enhancement closed wishlist
#1097 Support IRC like channels with twitter enhancement closed normal
#1098 patch: srv_lookup on cygwin defect closed major
#1099 Fix Skype protocol install issue on FreeBSD defect closed normal
#1100 Can no longer connect to msn via xmpp defect closed major
#1101 [Patch] null pointer in nick_gen defect closed normal
#1102 Fix check_nick tests defect closed normal
#1103 Fix parallel make issue defect closed normal
#1104 OTR doesn't disconnect if other user is offline. pesco defect closed normal
#1105 has the word "did" in lowercase in a line that's completely uppercase before it defect closed minor
#1106 Can't send private messages to chatroom members whose name contain upper case wilmer defect closed normal
#1108 Channels in user.xml with both type attribute and element fails to load defect closed normal
#1109 OTRv4 builds silently drop all jabber messages pesco defect closed blocker
#1110 bitlbee with plugin-otr crashes when messaging offline contacts more than once pesco defect closed blocker
#1111 Opportunistic OTR tries to establish an OTR session with _xmlconsole pesco defect closed minor
#1112 Control interface thinks that I want to accept GTalk contact request when I don't. wilmer defect closed normal
#1113 otr disconnect <nick> doesn't work pesco defect closed normal
#1114 XMPP: bitlbee receives but does not display stanzas of type "error" defect new major
#1115 Twitter stopped working on Jan 14, 2014 (presumably something SSL-related) defect closed critical
#1116 wat IS bitlbee? defect closed normal
#1117 /oper to set account passwords wilmer enhancement closed normal
#1118 Messages not getting sent to/not getting received by Facebook contacts defect closed normal
#1119 Make jabber name attribute configurable. wilmer enhancement closed wishlist
#1120 In bitlbee -x, please add an option to create a hash for a null byte enhancement closed normal
#1121 Unicode astral characters displayed incorrectly defect closed normal
#1122 Bitlbee segfaults on incoming jabber file transfer wilmer defect closed major
#1123 Messages are not received correctly Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1124 OTRv4 segfaults on "/me foo" messages wilmer defect closed major
#1125 Leading quote character gets eaten when replying defect closed normal
#1126 Messages are not getting sent via XMPP if OTR is disconnected defect closed normal
#1127 '#' in proxy password is not possible defect new normal
#1128 Please implement XEP-198 (stream control) wilmer enhancement new normal
#1129 otr connect is not working wilmer defect closed normal
#1130 Handle handling not consistent in twitter commands defect new normal
#1131 Split long lines doesn't work on groupchat defect closed normal
#1132 Add support for SASL based login to IRC wilmer enhancement closed normal
#1133 Twitter fires up errors 426 and 429 defect closed normal
#1134 initial ' gets eaten in twitter defect closed normal
#1135 Compilation of 3.2.1 fails in otr.c, too few arguments pesco defect closed normal
#1136 Cannot set authentication tls for sipe account (pidgin works fine though) defect closed normal
#1137 Jabber MUC should use real topic of room wilmer enhancement closed normal
#1138 'Some' twitter accounts don't show join messages when following dx defect closed normal
#1139 Jabber: account gets disconnected upon reception of invalid unicode character wilmer defect new minor
#1140 Support for the Telegram protocol enhancement closed pony
#1141 Purple builds suggest using oauth for jabber, but it's not implemented wilmer defect closed normal
#1142 tls_verify doesn't verify certificates defect new major
#1143 XEP85 detection (typing) seems to fail between two bitlbee users wilmer defect closed normal
#1144 Support XEP-0249 direct MUC invitations enhancement new normal
#1145 "imcb_buddy_status() for unknown handle" after removing buddy defect closed normal
#1146 Systemd service file incorrect configuration defect closed normal
#1147 provide a way to view an entire conversation in twitter enhancement new wishlist
#1148 leading quotation mark is stripped in replies in twitter defect closed minor
#1149 provide a way to reply to a tweet without requiring that it starts with the user's name enhancement closed wishlist
#1150 otr info display problems pesco defect closed normal
#1151 Source ID 48 was not found when attempting to remove it dx defect closed normal
#1152 nick_format broken on NetBSD (g_convert_with_fallback() always fails) defect closed normal
#1153 Debian package for Ubuntu Trusty wilmer enhancement closed normal
#1154 [Jabber] Display message from unknown participants as normal messages wilmer enhancement closed normal
#1155 DCC transfer aborted: inet_ntop failed: Address family not supported by protocol wilmer defect new normal
#1156 Direct tweets sent to one's own account are not shown dx defect accepted normal
#1157 WhatsApp enhancement closed pony
#1158 error in doc/bitlbee.xinetd. defect closed normal
#1159 The main() function in unix.c is full of lies pesco defect closed normal
#1160 Twitter issue getting contact list defect closed normal
#1161 HTTPS for enhancement closed normal
#1162 Strange check for root breaks building RPM packages defect closed normal
#1163 Conditionalize support for libotr 3 and 4 (to support both) pesco enhancement closed normal
#1164 Lowering xmpp presence priority on away. enhancement closed normal
#1165 Set nick format for XMPP MUC users enhancement new wishlist
#1166 Twitter: hide messages from blocked users defect new normal
#1167 Errors when joining groupchat should reply the join with a numeric code defect closed normal
#1168 Link error when --ssl=nss and --otr=1 pesco defect closed normal
#1169 [patch] Skype protocol: DISPLAYNAME Miklos Vajna enhancement closed normal
#1170 error: variable has incomplete type 'const struct oauth_service' defect new normal
#1171 Display twitter activity notifications enhancement new normal
#1172 Gtalk messages not relayed from other devices wilmer defect closed normal
#1173 [patch] Twitter protocol: account_tag for nick and channel enhancement new normal
#1174 bitlbee 3.2.2 dbus problem on centos 6 defect closed normal
#1175 Setting away with libpurple fails silently except for a few values wilmer defect closed normal
#1176 First message in a new skype chat gets lost Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1177 users list on non channel defect closed normal
#1178 Support purple_request_input enhancement closed normal
#1179 [GTalk] Error while reading from server defect closed normal
#1180 Lost PMs in Jabber defect closed normal
#1181 XML stream error, no RX defect closed normal
#1182 "help" support in twitter mode enhancement new wishlist
#1183 skyped: Warning, SSL init failed Miklos Vajna defect closed normal
#1184 Twitter module doesn't handle 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable very well defect new normal
#1185 Using old FSF address defect closed normal
#1186 DIGEST-MD5 auth fails defect closed normal
#1187 emojis not getting display in twitter [at least direct messages] defect closed normal
#1188 Twitter-action: add retweet in addition to rt enhancement new normal
#1189 Reply to a retweet, replies only the retweeter defect new normal
#1190 Accepting SSL certs too late resets bitlbee-libpurple defect closed normal
#1191 msn transport doesn't remember I have answered questions defect closed normal
#1192 Add a way to show a PurpleStoredImage in libpurple enhancement new normal
#1193 Google Hangouts support enhancement closed normal
#1194 Bind to multiple addresses on OpenBSD 5.6 defect new normal
#1195 bitlbee sends invalid IRC messages by failing to remove whitespace from XMPP client names defect closed normal
#1196 [ssi.c:65] possible cut'n'paste error ? defect closed normal
#1197 jabber multilogins not possible from two different bitlbee-accounts defect closed normal
#1198 There's no way to interrupt proxy_connect() before reaching the connected callback defect closed normal
#1199 Duplicate Nick break's a protocol defect closed normal
#1200 Crash with jabber protocol when joining room defect closed normal
#1201 Add online status of user to query topic enhancement closed normal
#1202 Twitter: tweets with embedded tweets sometimes(?) not shown defect closed normal
#1203 RPC interface to write protocol plugins in a different language wilmer enhancement new wishlist
#1204 Fix the logging subsystem defect new normal
#1205 Groupchats may create users with utf8 nicks when utf8_nicks is disabled defect closed normal
#1206 otr trust fingerprint representation enhancement new normal
#1207 Ubuntu Vivid enhancement closed normal
#1208 Twitter "url" command wilmer defect closed wishlist
#1209 Link embedded images from protected accounts to direct media file enhancement new normal
#1210 The 3.4 release tarball requires xmlto/xsltproc, even with the prebuilt help.txt defect closed normal 3.4.1
#1211 Twitter: DMs from non followers are displayed in bitlbee control channel defect closed minor
#1212 [twitter] Support mute functionality enhancement closed normal
#1213 Twitter: reply to a RT defect closed normal
#1214 Multiple accounts handling and convoluted/merged contact lists defect new normal
#1215 declining a buddy request should not automatically send one in return. defect closed normal
#1216 Option to completely disable away status autoreply notifications enhancement new normal 3.4.1
#1217 No "help" command for twitter defect closed normal
#1218 Twitter prefix length not configurable defect new wishlist
#1219 SIPE group chats do not work defect closed normal
#1220 NULL pointer derefence in lib/json.c defect closed normal
#1221 Autojoining jabber groupchat is broken in bitlbee-3.4 defect closed major 3.4.1
#1222 telegram-purple, after reconnection channels are recreated and not reused defect closed normal
#1223 tweets show up either in a timeline OR in a search channel defect new normal
#1224 Twitter DMs don't show up randomly defect closed normal
#1225 skyped dropping messages defect closed normal
#1226 Crash at identification and no debugging available defect closed normal 3.4.1
#1227 Cross-compilation Improvements enhancement closed normal
#1228 Unicode chars in Hipchat names are removed defect closed normal
#1229 Use-after-free when leaving invited (temporary) channels defect closed normal
#1230 Support for Steam chat in official release enhancement closed normal 3.4.1
#1231 Steam on enhancement new wishlist
#1232 Docker images defect new normal
#1233 OSCAR (AIM) not working defect closed normal
#1234 Multiple jabber accounts for one channel enhancement closed normal
#1235 Cyrilic names and warnings defect closed normal
#1236 twitter check your system clock defect closed normal
#1237 purple-line doesn't work correctly with bitlbee task closed normal
#1238 Auto-join rooms doesn't work in hip-cat branch defect closed normal
#1239 OMEMO / Axolotl Support enhancement new normal
#1240 The ability to mention your IRC nick on @mentions enhancement new wishlist
#1241 tests/check_irc.c depends on glib mainloop, fails with libevent defect closed normal
#1242 Twitter DM channels don't show messages sent in other clients defect new normal
#1243 bitlbee strips '.' from Jabber IDs defect new normal
#1244 Jabber: only fetch room history since last received message enhancement new normal
#1245 Twitter: Blocked people appear in mentions defect closed wishlist
#1246 Unnecessary 403 "No such channel" error after /part-ing channels manually defect new normal
#1247 Bitlbee WHO doesn't report account away status, breaks Quassel away-on-detach defect closed minor
#1248 Double free on channel rejoin defect closed normal
#1249 Process abort from detected double-free or corruption defect closed normal
#1250 libpurple sipe messages from latest MS Office/Lync/Skype for Business include font information defect new normal
#1251 Twitter replies to multiple parties not working correctly defect new normal
#1252 bitlbee should hide from listed clients when jabber/XMPP account have negative priority defect closed major
#1253 Bitlbee crash after updating ubuntu 16 defect closed normal
#1254 Identical / GNUSocial issue defect closed normal
#1255 Crash in strip_html - attempting to modify const strings defect closed normal
#1256 Bitlbee thinks gtalk does not support XEP85 defect new normal
#1257 pasting is slow, rate-limited defect closed normal
#1258 Is there a MOTD line limit? Cut off after line 43 in IRC client. defect closed normal
#1259 Tweets with the same link twice show the original url twice in the first defect new normal
#1260 Twitter: add option to pause timeline enhancement new minor
#1261 While trying to run bitlbee, segfault appears. defect closed normal
#1262 Please allow period (.) in nicks defect closed wishlist
#1263 Duplicate messages in jabber conference group chats. defect closed normal
#1264 No self-messages in telegram defect new normal
#1265 hipchat: add oauth support enhancement closed normal
#1266 Remaining rough edges in the "chat list" feature task closed normal 3.5
#1267 JIDs show up in Jabber rooms for Admins defect closed normal
#1268 Error running on Synology firsttime defect closed normal
#1269 Can't log into ICQ using bitlbee-libpurple defect closed normal
#1270 bitlbee-purple resets contact groups on reconnect defect new normal
#1271 Extended tweets with two or more photos attached show several times defect closed normal
#1272 twitter: option to disable tweet source? defect closed normal
#1273 AIM clientlogin enhancement closed normal
#1274 Improve handling of missing protocols defect closed normal 3.5
#1275 Sometimes double expansion of URLs wilmer defect closed normal 3.5
#1276 TLS: set CAfile per IM Account defect new normal
#1277 Support filter channels for twitter lists and follows enhancement new normal
#1278 XMPP CAPS data is missing required attribute value. defect new normal
#1279 Please make it possible to change UNIX socket path at runtime with run option enhancement new normal
#1280 RPMLint issue call-to-mktemp defect new minor
#1281 bitlbee-libpurple: Use after free when expiring file transfer requests defect closed normal
#1282 Null pointer dereference with file transfer request from unknown contacts defect closed normal
#1283 Signal support enhancement closed normal
#1284 Twitter. handle follower requests defect new normal
#1285 Support unicode channel names. enhancement new normal
#1286 Make MAX_NICK_LENGTH a setting. enhancement new normal
#1287 Hipchat Guest Access defect closed normal
#1288 twitter: rate limiting errors are not shown defect new normal
#1289 [PATCH] twitter: maintain mentions when replying defect new normal
#1290 New OAuth token requred for GTalk whenever BitlBee server updates; this is not documented defect new normal
#1291 /away "status message" not set on XMPP defect closed normal
#1292 support multiple hipchat servers enhancement closed normal
#1293 'Unknown error while loading configuration' when identifying defect closed normal
#1294 fix crash when gcry_cipher_open fails defect closed normal
#1295 add Matrix support to libpurple backend enhancement closed normal
#1296 Gtalk => Certificate verification problem 0x204 defect reopened normal
#1297 GTalk: Certificate verification problem 0x14 defect closed major
#1298 Use the correct nickname even when a room is non-anonymous defect new normal
#1299 jabber: Mismatch between real jid and local jid might cause Bitlbee not to send JOIN defect closed normal
#1300 Support Wire protocol enhancement closed normal
#1301 Allow post length longer than 140 characters when supported by account enhancement new wishlist
#1302 Concatenate messages without an unintended newline enhancement closed normal
#1303 jabber: improve certificate error messages enhancement new normal
#1304 jabber: set server domain manually enhancement new normal
#1305 option to force TLS version enhancement new normal
#1306 Incoming Twitter Accounts Activity API defect new normal
#1307 Tweet threads made using the tweet thread feature are very broken defect new normal
#1308 De-shorten links enhancement new pony
#1309 Bitlbee with hangouts keeps randomly +v and -v people defect closed normal
#1310 Using security flags when compiling bitlbee enhancement new normal
#1311 Compiling Bitlbee with LTO on request enhancement new minor
#1312 "chat add twitter <search> <channel>" displays tweets multiple times if they match multiple search criteria defect new normal
#1313 Add AVATAR to XMPP enhancement new pony
#1314 jabber/gtalk not seeing full_name for G+ contacts anymore defect new normal
#1315 Show if a Twitter post includes a poll enhancement new normal
#1316 Please, add support for group chats in twitter enhancement new normal
#1317 Nightly builds not enabled for current Ubuntu release enhancement new minor
#1318 no_proxy option enhancement new minor
#1319 Bitlbee SVG logo enhancement new pony
#1320 Impossible to create an account on this bugtracker enhancement closed pony
#1321 Passwords with spaces task new normal
#1322 Null Dereference Error an defect new major
#1323 Stopping the systemd service does not properly stop bitlbee defect new normal
#1324 "make VERBOSE=1" overlaps with Makefile's $(VERBOSE) defect new normal
#1325 bitlbee-purple not working with skypeweb defect new normal
#1326 Display alt-text for images on Twitter. enhancement new normal
#1327 Bitlbee does not save purple account information to /var/lib/bitlbee/purple/<username>/accounts.xml file defect new critical
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