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(edit) @add23a2   2008-02-16T22:07:14Z wilmer Moved xmltree to lib/ because I want to use it from more than just the …
(edit) @fc5cf88   2008-02-16T15:45:12Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix lcov dependencies.
(edit) @77bfd07   2007-11-23T23:07:44Z wilmer Replaced GPL-incompatible SHA1 hashing code (and renamed the files in …
(edit) @a7b5925   2007-10-07T20:42:37Z wilmer Renaming RC4 to ArcFour (possible trademark issues).
(edit) @348c11b   2007-01-22T09:42:55Z Jelmer Vernooij Add lcov target
(edit) @a51be64   2006-12-06T14:16:56Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix gcov.
(edit) @2c7df62   2006-12-06T12:15:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix testsuite.
(edit) @7ed3199   2006-06-25T14:07:01Z wilmer Moved Base64-related functions to a separate file and added decode …
(add) @df1694b   2006-06-25T12:15:42Z wilmer Moving all generic files to lib/ instead of having some in / and some …
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