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  • protocols/nogaim.h

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    3939#define _NOGAIM_H
    41 #include <stdint.h>
    4341#include "bitlbee.h"
    4442#include "account.h"
    5048#define WEBSITE "http://www.bitlbee.org/"
     49#define GAIM_AWAY_CUSTOM "Custom"
    5251/* Sharing flags between all kinds of things. I just hope I won't hit any
    209208         * not implement this. */
    210209        struct groupchat *
    211              (* chat_join)      (struct im_connection *, const char *room, const char *nick, const char *password);
     210             (* chat_join)      (struct im_connection *, char *room, char *nick, char *password);
    212211        /* Change the topic, if supported. Note that BitlBee expects the IM
    213212           server to confirm the topic change with a regular topic change
    218217        /* You can tell what away states your protocol supports, so that
    219          * BitlBee will try to map the IRC away reasons to them. If your
    220          * protocol doesn't have any, just return one generic "Away". */
     218         * BitlBee will try to map the IRC away reasons to them, or use
     219         * GAIM_AWAY_CUSTOM when calling skype_set_away(). */
    221220        GList *(* away_states)(struct im_connection *ic);
    224223         * - Most protocols will just want to set this to g_strcasecmp().*/
    225224        int (* handle_cmp) (const char *who1, const char *who2);
    227         /* Implement these callbacks if you want to use imcb_ask_auth() */
    228         void (* auth_allow)     (struct im_connection *, const char *who);
    229         void (* auth_deny)      (struct im_connection *, const char *who);
    243238 * the account_t parameter. */
    244239G_MODULE_EXPORT struct im_connection *imcb_new( account_t *acc );
    245 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imc_free( struct im_connection *ic );
     240G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_free( struct im_connection *ic );
    246241/* Once you're connected, you should call this function, so that the user will
    247242 * see the success. */
    256251/* To tell the user an error, ie. before logging out when an error occurs. */
    257252G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_error( struct im_connection *ic, char *format, ... ) G_GNUC_PRINTF( 2, 3 );
    259253/* To ask a your about something.
    260254 * - 'msg' is the question.
    263257 */
    264258G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_ask( struct im_connection *ic, char *msg, void *data, query_callback doit, query_callback dont );
    266 /* Two common questions you may want to ask:
    267  * - X added you to his contact list, allow?
    268  * - X is not in your contact list, want to add?
    269  */
    270 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_ask_auth( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle, const char *realname );
    271 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_ask_add( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle, const char *realname );
     259G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_ask_add( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, const char *realname );
    273261/* Buddy management */
    275263 * user, usually after a login, or if the user added a buddy and the IM
    276264 * server confirms that the add was successful. Don't forget to do this! */
    277 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_add_buddy( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, char *group );
    278 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_remove_buddy( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, char *group );
     265G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_add_buddy( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle, const char *group );
     266G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_remove_buddy( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle, char *group );
    279267G_MODULE_EXPORT struct buddy *imcb_find_buddy( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle );
    280 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_rename_buddy( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, char *realname );
     268G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_rename_buddy( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle, const char *realname );
    281269G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_buddy_nick_hint( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, char *nick );
    289277/* Not implemented yet! */ G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_buddy_times( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle, time_t login, time_t idle );
    290278/* Call when a handle says something. 'flags' and 'sent_at may be just 0. */
    291 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_buddy_msg( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, char *msg, uint32_t flags, time_t sent_at );
     279G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_buddy_msg( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle, char *msg, uint32_t flags, time_t sent_at );
    292280G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_buddy_typing( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, uint32_t flags );
    293281G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_clean_handle( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle );
    302290 *   user, too. */
    303291G_MODULE_EXPORT struct groupchat *imcb_chat_new( struct im_connection *ic, const char *handle );
    304 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_chat_add_buddy( struct groupchat *b, char *handle );
     292G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_chat_add_buddy( struct groupchat *b, const char *handle );
    305293/* To remove a handle from a group chat. Reason can be NULL. */
    306 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_chat_remove_buddy( struct groupchat *b, char *handle, char *reason );
     294G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_chat_remove_buddy( struct groupchat *b, const char *handle, const char *reason );
    307295/* To tell BitlBee 'who' said 'msg' in 'c'. 'flags' and 'sent_at' can be 0. */
    308 G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_chat_msg( struct groupchat *c, char *who, char *msg, uint32_t flags, time_t sent_at );
     296G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_chat_msg( struct groupchat *c, const char *who, char *msg, uint32_t flags, time_t sent_at );
    309297/* System messages specific to a groupchat, so they can be displayed in the right context. */
    310298G_MODULE_EXPORT void imcb_chat_log( struct groupchat *c, char *format, ... ) G_GNUC_PRINTF( 2, 3 );
    315303/* Actions, or whatever. */
    316 int imc_away_send_update( struct im_connection *ic );
     304int imc_set_away( struct im_connection *ic, char *away );
    317305int imc_buddy_msg( struct im_connection *ic, char *handle, char *msg, int flags );
    318306int imc_chat_msg( struct groupchat *c, char *msg, int flags );
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