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2006-10-22T12:43:40Z (18 years ago)
Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>

Copied 1.0.x changelogs, disabled LDAP support in configure (because the
code just doesn't work yet) and added GLib version detection. (GLib 2.4
and up *should* work.)

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  • configure

    r2087159 r670204f  
    33 ldap=auto
    3636arch=`uname -s`
    3737cpu=`uname -m`
    3941echo BitlBee configure
    176178if $PKG_CONFIG --version > /dev/null 2>/dev/null && $PKG_CONFIG glib-2.0; then
    177         cat<<EOF>>Makefile.settings
     179        if $PKG_CONFIG glib-2.0 --atleast-version=$GLIB_MIN_VERSION; then
     180                cat<<EOF>>Makefile.settings
    178181EFLAGS+=`$PKG_CONFIG --libs glib-2.0 gmodule-2.0`
    179182CFLAGS+=`$PKG_CONFIG --cflags glib-2.0 gmodule-2.0`
    181 else
     184        else
     185                echo
     186                echo 'Found glib2 '`$PKG_CONFIG glib-2.0 --modversion`', but version '$GLIB_MIN_VERSION' or newer is required.'
     187                exit 1
     188        fi
     190        echo
    182191        echo 'Cannot find glib2 development libraries, aborting. (Install libglib2-dev?)'
    183         exit 1;
     192        exit 1
    290299elif [ "$ssl" = "bogus" ]; then
    291300        echo
    292         echo 'Using bogus SSL code. This means some features have to be disabled.'
     301        echo 'Using bogus SSL code. This means some features will not work properly.'
    294303        ## Yes, you, at the console! How can you authenticate if you don't have any SSL!?
  • doc/CHANGES

    r2087159 r670204f  
    1313- BitlBee now makes the buddy quits when doing "account off" look like a
    1414  netsplit. Modern IRC clients show this in a different, more compact way.
    15 - GLib 1.x compatibility was dropped. BitlBee now requires GLib 2.6 (FIXME)
    16   or newer. This allows us to use more GLib features. By now GLib 1.x is so
    17   old that supporting it isn't really necessary anymore.
     15- GLib 1.x compatibility was dropped. BitlBee now requires GLib 2.4 or newer.
     16  This allows us to use more GLib features (like the XML parser). By now GLib
     17  1.x is so old that supporting it really isn't necessary anymore.
    1818- Many, many, MANY little changes, improvements, fixes. Using non-blocking
    1919  I/O as much as possible, fixed lots of little bugs (including bugs that
    4141    and password for the existing connection.
    4242  * Per-account settings (see the new "account set" command).
     44Version 1.0.3:
     45- Fixed ugliness in block/allow list commands (still not perfect though, the
     46  list is empty or not up-to-date for most protocols).
     47- OSCAR module doesn't send the ICQ web-aware flag anymore, which seems to
     48  get rid of a lot of ICQ spam.
     49- added show_got_added(), BitlBee asks you, after authorizing someone, if you
     50  want to add him/her to your list too.
     51- add -tmp, mainly convenient if you want to talk to people who are not in
     52  your list.
     53- Fixed ISON command, should work better with irssi now.
     54- Fixed compilation with tcc.
     55- Fixed xinetd-file.
     56- Misc. (crash)bug fixes, including one in the root command parsing that
     57  caused mysterious error messages sometimes.
     59Finished 24 Jun 2006 (Happy 4th birthday, BitlBee!)
     61Version 1.0.2:
     62- Pieces of code cleanup, fixes for possible problems in error checking.
     63- Fixed an auto-reconnect cleanup problem that caused crashes in daemon mode.
     64- /AWAY in daemon mode now doesn't set the away state for every connection
     65  anymore.
     66- Fixed a crash-bug on empty help subjects.
     67- Jabber now correctly sets the current away state when connecting.
     68- Added Invisible and Hidden to the away state alias list, invisible mode
     69  should be pretty usable now.
     70- Fixed handling of iconv(): It's now done for everything that goes between
     71  BitlBee and the IRC client, instead of doing it (almost) every time
     72  something goes to or come from the IM-modules. Should've thought about
     73  that before. :-)
     74- When cleaning up MSN switchboards with unsent msgs, it now also says which
     75  contact those messages were meant for.
     76- You can now use the block and allow commands to see your current block/
     77  allow list.
     79Finished 1 Apr 2006
     81Version 1.0.1:
     82- Support for AIM groupchats.
     83- Improved typing notification support for at least AIM.
     84- BitlBee sends a 005 reply when logging in, this informs modern IRC clients
     85  of some of BitlBee's capabilities. This might also solve problems some
     86  people were having with the new control channel name.
     87- MSN switchboards are now properly reset when talking to a person who is
     88  offline. This fixes problems with messages to MSN people that sometimes
     89  didn't arrive.
     90- Fixed one of the problems that made BitlBee show online Jabber people as
     91  offline.
     92- Fixed problems with commas in MSN passwords.
     93- Added some consts for read-only data, which should make the BitlBee per-
     94  process memory footprint a bit smaller.
     95- Other bits of code cleanup.
     97Finished 14 Jan 2006
    4499Version 1.0:
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