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1.3dev changelog. Should release that soon, sticking a version# on it makes
more people use it.

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     6Version 1.3dev:
     7- Loads of new stuff, mostly ready for a new major release, but starting with
     8  a dev snapshot. A few changes that were planned for a long time already:
     9- Rewrote the IRC core, which brings:
     10  * Support for multiple (control) channels, so you can have one channel per
     11    buddy group, per IM account/protocol, or for example a &offline with all
     12    offline contacts. See "help channels" for information on how to use this.
     13  * You can also leave and rejoin all channels. Being in &bitlbee is no
     14    longer required.
     15  * Now you can start groupchats by just joining a new channel and inviting
     16    contacts. (The "chat with" command still works as well.)
     17  * You can change your nickname, whenever you want.
     18  * Root commands:
     19    + To hopefully resolve confusion about the "account set" syntax, the
     20      ordering was changed slightly: "account set acc/setting value"
     21      becomes "account acc set setting value". Obviously the same order
     22      should now be used for other account subcommands.
     23    + Shortcuts: Instead of "account list" you can say "acc li".
     24  * /whois shows idle/login times of your contacts when available.
     25  * paste_buffer (previously known as buddy_sendbuffer) now works for chats
     26    as well.
     27  * The nick_source setting was replaced with a nick_format setting, which
     28    looks more or less like a format string, and lets you tweak how nicknames
     29    for contacts are generated in more detail.
     30  * A per-channel show_users setting lets you configure exactly which kinds
     31    of contacts (online/away/offline) should show up in a channel and what
     32    modes (none/voice/etc) they should have.
     33  * If you connect (and identify) to a BitlBee server you're already
     34    connected to, you can take over the existing session instead of starting
     35    a new one.
     36  * More correct validation of channel names: They can contain pretty much
     37    any character, unlike nicknames.
     38- Support for using libpurple instead of BitlBee's built-in IM protocol
     39  modules. This can be enabled by passing --purple=1 to the configure script.
     40  * This adds support for many more IM protocols to BitlBee.
     41  * And new functionality to existing protocols.
     42  * This is and will always be optional and using it on public servers is
     43    *not* recommended. It should be pretty stable, but costs more RAM/etc.
     44  * When using this variant, type "help purple" to get a list of supported
     45    protocols.
     46- Support for file transfers, in and out. /DCC SEND a file to a contact and
     47  it becomes a file transfer, and incoming file transfers become /DCC SENDs
     48  to you. Note that this is mostly useful when combined with libpurple, as
     49  only the Jabber native protocol module currently supports file transfers.
     51Finished ... 2010
    653Version 1.2.8:
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