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Import work on services-based Win32 port

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1Instructions for building the Bitlbee Win32 port
41. Download the latest version using bzr (
5   bzr branch bitlbee-win32
62. Download and install the required development files:
7    from
8    - glib
9    - glib-dev
10        - libiconv
11        - gettext
12    from
13    - nss
14    - nspr
16I've put them inside c:\dev, so you might have the most with that location.
183. Open bitlbee.dsw in VC++ and build :-)
204. Now you're done. When running, make sure all the required DLL's are accessible. If they can't be found, place them inside c:\winnt\system32 or the Debug or Release directories inside bitlbee-...\win32\.
225. To build setup files, compile the bitlbee.iss file using the Inno Setup
23   program (available from
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