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t f5ae4a10   2010-08-03T11:57:48Z Miklos Vajna fix up testcases for ui-fix
.gitignore 192 bytes 58f4236   2008-09-06T01:42:49Z Miklos Vajna update gitignore for osx
.mailmap 38 bytes 61580d7   2009-08-18T10:58:17Z Miklos Vajna add a mailmap
asciidoc.conf 595 bytes 398eb78   2009-09-27T11:22:59Z Miklos Vajna add a manpage 54 bytes 7258d34   2008-12-21T19:19:34Z Miklos Vajna replace with which provides more interactivity 369 bytes 65acff8   2010-04-06T15:37:34Z Miklos Vajna install the manpage 2.3 KB cc7a153   2010-04-05T21:25:07Z Miklos Vajna make building documentation optional
HACKING 332 bytes c99bb05   2009-08-31T15:57:00Z Miklos Vajna update HACKING
Makefile 2.5 KB dbbf34a   2010-05-29T13:36:12Z Miklos Vajna update bitlbee version
NEWS 6.5 KB 7666c87   2010-04-14T00:16:04Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.8.2
README 13.0 KB 8fcb196   2010-08-02T21:54:24Z Miklos Vajna update skype api link
skype.c 33.5 KB 4ab7225   2010-08-03T12:30:04Z Miklos Vajna checkpatch fix
skyped.cnf 1.1 KB 55664fc   2008-01-12T20:09:54Z Miklos Vajna add skyped.cnf for easier ssl cert generation 242 bytes d891915   2008-05-19T18:22:03Z Miklos Vajna allow setting the port from the config file 9.6 KB a985369   2010-06-25T18:39:23Z Miklos Vajna Typo fix: --debug was --daemon From: Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@…>
skyped.txt 1.1 KB 398eb78   2009-09-27T11:22:59Z Miklos Vajna add a manpage
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