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updates for 0.4.2

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[924d0f2]1VERSION         DESCRIPTION
[d184f30]30.4.2         - skyped should be now more responsive
[8b0e388]4              - new skypeout_offline setting for hiding/showing SkypeOut
5                contacts
[4834307]6              - support for SkypeOut calls
7              - support for querying the balance from Skype
[8b0e388]8              - all setting should be documented now
[c1f3d49]90.4.1         - support for building the plugin on Mac OSX
10              - tested with BitlBee 1.2 and Skype
11              - avoid ${prefix} (by autoconf) in the config file as we
12                don't handle such a variable
13              - now you can call echo123 (patch by Riskó Gergely)
[f578275]140.4.0         - support for starting, accepting and rejecting calls
15              - also updated documentation (the key is the account set
16                skype/call command)
17              - as usual with the .0 releases, be careful, ~200 lines of
18                new code
[c47e566]190.3.2         - support for Skype
20              - skyped now automatically starts/shuts down skype
21              - improved 'make prepare' to handle more automake versions
22              - documentation improvements
[ed88e8e]230.3.1         - beautify output when skyped is interrupted using ^C
24              - 'nick skype foo' now really sets display name, not the mood
25                text
26              - documentation fixups
27              - this version should be again as stable as 0.2.6 was
[b2fa16b]280.3.0         - authentication support in skyped via ssl
29              - ~200 lines of new code, so be careful :)
30              - upgraders: please read the documentation about how to set up
31                your config the ssl certificate, this was no necessary till now
[d1eb24c]320.2.6         - the server setting has a default value, 'localhost' so in most
33                cases you no longer have to set it explicitly
34              - support for receiving emoted messages, ie. when the user types
35                '/me foo'
36              - support for setting the display name (nick 0 "foo bar") - it
37                sets the mood text
[c01edb7]380.2.5         - now bitlbee's info command is supported (it displays full name,
39                birthday, homepage, age, etc.)
[bfbb1aa]400.2.4         - improve documentation based on feedback from people on #bitlbee
41              - fixed for Skype4Py >=
42              - tested with latest Skype beta, too (the one which supports
43                video)
[fc26bcb]440.2.3         - fixed that annoying "creating groupchat failed" warning
[b06e647]450.2.2         - don't change the topic if skype does not report a successful
46                topic change
47              - fixed for the recent bitlbee API changes
[c4112c4]480.2.1         - topic support in group chats
49              - bugfixes for multiline messages
50              - this version should be again as stable as 0.1.4 was
[5b677eb]510.2.0         - group chat support
52              - ~300 lines of new code, so be careful :)
53              - the version number mentions that this is not a minor change
[8de38e9]540.1.4         - documentation: mention the version of all deps (requirements
55                section)
56              - fix sending / sending accents
57              - don't use internal functions of skype4py
58              - skyped no longer dies when skype is killed
[40d2dc4]590.1.3         - support for edited messages
60              - ignore empty messages (skype does the same)
61              - support for multiline messages
62              - switch to the x11 api instead of dbus (it's much more stable)
[478c051]630.1.2         - notification when a new call arrives in
64              - more documentation (vnc)
65              - first release which works with unpatched bitlbee
[025da7a]660.1.1         - skyped now runs as daemon in the background by default
[924d0f2]67              - skyped now automatically reconnects on Skype restarts
680.1.0         - initial release
69              - see README for major features
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