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3TESTCHECKRESULT="grep '\[Test Passed\]' status.log"
6### Test sending and receiving messages
7/expectbee 'Welcome to the BitlBee' -command 'msg $$C register testing'
8/expectbee 'Account successfully created' -command 'msg $$C account add skype @LOGIN@ @PASSWORD@'
9/expectbee 'Account successfully added' -command 'msg $$C account 0 set test_join true'
10/expectbee 'test_join' -command 'msg $$C account 0 on'
11# use builtin test service
12/expectjoin echo123 -command 'msg $$C echo123: ping, say pong'
13/expectbee 'pong' -command 'quit Test Passed'
14# use a public bot as well, just in case the above one would fail
15/expectjoin echo123 -command 'msg $$C add skype pam_bot'
16/expectjoin pam_bot -command 'msg $$C pam_bot: pambot help'
17/expectbee 'PamBot, thanks for chatting with me' -command 'quit Test Passed'
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