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skype: create groupchat as soon as a message is received

Before this commit, the bee_chat_by_title() call just failed when
receiving a message in a groupchat we didn't know about, which is
probably something skype broke in their api at some point.

I'm fixing this since apparently the only way to access p2p based chats
is through the official skype desktop client (they won't be supported
through msnp24 or skypeweb. It's broken in mobile clients already), so
this plugin is probably the best way to access those.

This breaks the 'msg' test - now all chats are groupchats and there's no
way to tell them apart.

However, in reality, private messages aren't delivered at all over the
api, or at least I never managed to get them working. Probably if you
talk with someone who has a very old patched skype client.

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1>> NOTICE *
2<< NICK alice
3<< USER alice alice localhost :Alice
4>> PRIVMSG &bitlbee
5<< PRIVMSG &bitlbee :account add skype alice foo
6<< PRIVMSG &bitlbee :account skype on
7>> JOIN :##cecil/$bob;4d8cc996579
8>> 353 alice = ##cecil/$bob;4d8cc996579 :@alice @root
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