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Update authors files to reflect the current state of things. I'd like to
thank Jelmer and Maurits for their past contributions.

Also, list Miklos, pesco, Geert, ulim and Marijn who have done some
substantial contributions (recently).

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[b7d3cc34]1Welcome to the BitlBee server at %h.
3This server is running BitlBee version %v.
4The newest version can be found on
6You are getting this message because the server administrator has not
7yet had the time (or need) to change it.
9For those who don't know it yet, this is not quite a regular Internet
10Relay Chat server. Please see the site mentioned above for more
14The developers of the Bee hope you have a buzzing time.
[f21ad37]16* BitlBee development team.
18... Buzzing, haha, get it?
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