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Use glib's GChecksum for md5/sha1

This changes behavior slightly:

  • md5_init()/sha1_init() allocate a GChecksum
  • md5_finish()/sha1_finish() close and free() it
  • md5_digest_keep() was added (no sha1 equivalent needed)

And yes, glib has this concept of "closing" the GChecksum, which means
it can't be used anymore after g_checksum_get_digest().

jabber_cache_add() actually seems to need to do that to generate some
random-ish values, so i kept that working by adding a md5_digest_keep()
function that copies the GChecksum before it gets closed

GChecksum was introduced in glib 2.16, so the configure script version
was bumped. We were already depending on glib 2.16 accidentally
(some post-3.2.2 code uses GHashTableIter)

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[b7d3cc34]1#include "md5.h"
[34afea7]3/* Creates a new GChecksum in ctx */
4void md5_init(md5_state_t *ctx)
[34afea7]6        *ctx = g_checksum_new(G_CHECKSUM_MD5);
[34afea7]9/* Wrapper for g_checksum_update */
10void md5_append(md5_state_t *ctx, const guint8 *buf, unsigned int len)
[34afea7]12        g_checksum_update(*ctx, buf, len);
[34afea7]15/* Wrapper for g_checksum_get_digest
16 * Also takes care of g_checksum_free(), since it can't be reused anyway
17 * (the GChecksum is closed after get_digest) */
18void md5_finish(md5_state_t *ctx, guint8 digest[MD5_HASH_SIZE])
[34afea7]20        gsize digest_len = MD5_HASH_SIZE;
21        g_checksum_get_digest(*ctx, digest, &digest_len);
22        g_checksum_free(*ctx);
[34afea7]25/* Variant of md5_finish that copies the GChecksum
26 * and finishes that one instead of the original */
27void md5_digest_keep(md5_state_t *ctx, guint8 digest[MD5_HASH_SIZE])
[34afea7]29        md5_state_t copy = g_checksum_copy(*ctx);
30        md5_finish(&copy, digest);
[34afea7]33void md5_free(md5_state_t *ctx)
[34afea7]35        g_checksum_free(*ctx);
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