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user-guide 15a8c94   2016-12-26T00:18:55Z dx genhelp: Slightly improve error messages on xml parse error
AUTHORS 663 bytes fef97af   2014-10-17T22:45:27Z wilmer doc/AUTHORS updated to the current state of things.
bitlbee.8 4.0 KB f3fce53   2013-02-21T19:03:55Z wilmer Make the manpage look just a little less stale.
bitlbee.conf.5 711 bytes b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree)
bitlbee.xinetd 758 bytes 4e4fa93   2014-06-26T08:07:11Z dx doc/bitlbee.xinetd: Move -I to server_args
CHANGES 57.0 KB d701547   2016-03-20T04:08:21Z dx CHANGES: fix the year of the 3.4.2 release lol
comic_3.0.png 24.1 KB 7c5a3be5   2010-10-22T00:28:52Z wilmer There. BitlBee 3.0, it was about time. :-)
CREDITS 3.2 KB eded1f7   2007-12-18T23:59:35Z kenobi Merged in 280..288 from upstream (e.g. PING)
example_plugin.c 356 bytes 5ebff60   2015-02-20T22:50:54Z dx Reindent everything to K&R style with tabs Used uncrustify, with the …
FAQ 3.5 KB ecae65f   2010-09-10T11:45:31Z wilmer Some doc fixes, removing a % that was never supposed to be at the end …
git-bzr-rev-map 231.0 KB e26aa72   2015-01-25T05:00:06Z dx Add git specific stuff! - A few build system tweaks - A fancy …
HACKING 5.6 KB e88fe7da   2015-08-07T21:53:25Z vlajos typofix -
INSTALL 51 bytes b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree)
Makefile 501 bytes fd45e859   2015-06-04T17:13:22Z dx Allow building docs from any directory Also just remove the .git …
README 6.4 KB abf4717   2015-10-30T13:15:33Z dx Remove some dust from the old (very old) doc/README There were some …
uncrustify.cfg 1.1 KB af359b4   2015-02-20T22:49:19Z dx Add uncrustify configuration file to ./doc/
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