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commands.xml 79.8 KB 90254d0   2016-12-26T00:18:55Z dx Add nick_lowercase and nick_underscores settings
docbook.xsl 4.1 KB 7740c4c   2006-12-05T22:57:02Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix xslt with newer (more pedantic) XSLT processors. 6.9 KB 15a8c94   2016-12-26T00:18:55Z dx genhelp: Slightly improve error messages on xml parse error
help.xml 3.0 KB f21ad37   2012-10-29T00:16:12Z wilmer Update authors files to reflect the current state of things. I'd like …
help.xsl 5.7 KB 5dd725d   2011-11-14T11:08:22Z wilmer Document command shortening in another place.
Installation.xml 4.6 KB e88fe7da   2015-08-07T21:53:25Z vlajos typofix -
Makefile 1.4 KB 1cef55f   2015-06-04T17:13:22Z dx configure: allow specifying location of python executable Because …
misc.xml 19.9 KB 55259c4   2016-03-13T02:22:27Z dx Prepare 3.4.2 release notes
quickstart.xml 6.3 KB 35a7525   2015-10-08T04:59:39Z dx Fix typo
Support.xml 925 bytes 7bb3afb   2008-03-02T17:13:32Z wilmer Oops, even GMail got out of beta quicker than this. ;-)
Usage.xml 1.8 KB 689a6e0   2005-11-21T11:53:48Z wilmer Changed all documentation references to the control channel from …
user-guide.xml 1.2 KB 76b6521   2008-09-07T13:03:51Z wilmer Switched docs to UTF-8, using XHTML DocBook template instead of old …
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