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1BitlBee ... is Bitl
4"I CAN HAS SPEEECH?" This is how Wilmer announced to me that he was going to do
5another BitlBee release. I was as surprised as you are. I thought he had given
6up on this whole releasing business.
8There is some humor in using a LOLcats reference to announce a new Bee
9release. The last major BitlBee release (1.0) was done a long time before the
10hype even begun. Between then and now we've celebrated BitlBee's fifth birthday
11and had a handful of releases, but nothing big happened. As a user this lax
12release planning worries me. What if this means that later releases will take
13even longer? I don't think we should fear this. Let us explore why this release
14took so long.
16Personally, I blame Google.
18There, I've said it. Google. The guys who are so big on "Do No Evil" and all
19that jazz. They caused this release to be so late. Let me explain why.
21They made Wilmer an offer. Wilmer, being the sillily naive guy he is, couldn't
22refuse. There were no decapitated horses involved, but he couldn't refuse
23nonetheless. That's not a big problem of course. Lots of guys (and gals, sure)
24work for Google. It wouldn't have become a problem if they hadn't shipped him of
25to Ireland. That's where the trouble starts.
27Ireland. Home of the leprechauns. These rascals joined forces with aliens and
28LOLcats to abduct Wilmer. The aliens had been trying for years to kidnap him,
29but they were on his turf and his trusty sidekicks Jelmer and Maurits were there
30to help him. All that changed when he moved to Ireland.
32But it wasn't just that Wilmer was all alone in some strange place. It was also
33that the aliens had created the LOLcats and made an alliance with the
34leprechauns--the real rulers of Ireland. Wilmer is cool, but he's not that
35cool. So they abducted him for a few years. When he finally came back, he
36regathered his mad coding skills and hacked a new release together.
38By now you're thinking, what has happened to Jelmer and Maurits? Well, they're
39still here and they worked on the Bee while Wilmer was absent. But, like open
40source, they are very Bitl--they're cool, but they're ready when they're
43Well, whatever you may think of my little theory, they did take forever to
44launch this release. We're not mad at them, because it shows. They have
45added some cool new features and made plenty of changes under the hood. Let me
46give you a sneak preview of some of the new features: Jabber groupchats are
47supported. Configuration files are stored encrypted. You can now use
48ForkDaemon mode, which gives better stability over normal daemon mode, but
49doesn't require inetd. Also, server owners can now use the /OPER command to
50spy on their users. And--as I was specifically asked to mention--this is the
51first stable release that supports plugins. That's some Bitl changes for ya.
53BitlBee is cool, but ready when it's ready. Very Bitl.
55Sjoerd. LOL.
57(LOLBee by Erik Bosman.)
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