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1                   *** NEWS (Version 1.2 and later) ***
3Starting from version 1.2, BitlBee has a forking daemon mode. The Debian
4package now uses this mode by default, instead of inetd mode. If you don't
5want to use this, you can disable the init scripts (best way to do this is
6by editing /etc/default/bitlbee) and restore the inetd.conf entry. This
7should be necessary only once, it won't be touched during upgrades.
11Debconf should have asked you on what port you want BitlBee to run. If it
12did not, the port number should be 6667 or 6668. (6668 if you already got
13something running at 6667)
15Fire up your favourite IRC client and connect to localhost:6667 (or 6668),
16and read the documentation (type help for a list of commands).
18Have fun!
20The /usr/share/doc/bitlbee/examples/ directory contains some programs and
21scripts you might like or need. They're not really examples but it's quite
22normal behaviour to put small contrib stuff like that in there.
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