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g_hash_table_contains() exists since GLib >= 2.32

Usage of g_hash_table_contains() was introduced by commit 5c90890.

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[e26aa72]1# BitlBee
5[![Build Status](](
6[![Coverity Scan Build Status](](
8An IRC to other chat networks gateway
[896bea2]10Main website:
[896bea2]12Bug tracker:
16License: GPLv2
[b5cc87e]18## Installation
[b5cc87e]20BitlBee is available in the package managers of most distros.
[896bea2]22For debian/ubuntu/etc you may use the nightly APT repository:
[896bea2]24You can also use a public server (such as ``) instead of installing it:
[b5cc87e]26## Compiling
[b5cc87e]28If you wish to compile it yourself, ensure you have the following packages and their headers:
[3a547ee]30* glib 2.32 or newer (not to be confused with glibc)
[b5cc87e]31* gnutls
32* python 2 or 3 (for the user guide)
[b5cc87e]34Some optional features have additional dependencies, such as libpurple, libotr, libevent, etc.
35NSS and OpenSSL are also available but not as well supported as GnuTLS.
[b5cc87e]37Once you have the dependencies, building should be a matter of:
[b5cc87e]39    ./configure
40    make
41    sudo make install
43## Development tips
45* To enable debug symbols: `./configure --debug=1`
46* To get some additional debug output for some protocols: `BITLBEE_DEBUG=1 ./bitlbee -Dnv`
47* Use github pull requests against the 'develop' branch to submit patches.
48* The coding style based on K&R with tabs and 120 columns. See `./doc/uncrustify.cfg` for the parameters used to reformat the code.
49* Mappings of bzr revisions to git commits (for historical purposes) are available in `./doc/git-bzr-rev-map`
50* See also `./doc/README` and `./doc/HACKING`
52## Help?
[67f4cfe]54Join **#BitlBee** on OFTC (****) (OFTC, *not* freenode!)
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